HJ/EDApril 17, 2006

Stargazing with Mike Lynch

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Meteorologists Mike Lynch from WCCO Radio visited Cokato to help community members “make the stars their old friends.”

Unfortunately, the rainy April evening prevented the Community Education participants from studying the evening sky for themselves, but it was nonetheless a learning opportunity.

After previously visiting Cokato Township, Lynch jokes, “this is the only place I put my telescope on a septic tank.”

Lynch’s comical teachings of the stars and constellations made for an interesting evening.

He provided packets with the many constellations and a map for April and May stargazing.

The audience of all ages learned what stars are made of and what can be seen with a naked eye.

Lynch also gave suggestions on buying a telescope. He recommended not spending less than $150.

Lynch has worked for WCCO Radio as a Meteorologist since 1981, but has been teaching classes on astronomy since 1973.

Some of his inspirations for stargazing includes the U.S. Space program and the moon landings.

He’s built three telescopes throughout the years and teaches star gazing in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Lynch has also written the book, “Mike Lynch’s Minnesota Starwatch.”

His motto is while teaching astronomy is “making the stars your old friends.”

Although stargazing had to be postponed, Lynch promised participants a rain check for tonight’s meeting at the Buffalo High School from 8 to 10 p.m.

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