Sept. 18, 2006

Many housing options in Montrose

By Jenni Sebora

Creating smaller communities within the larger community is what attorney and developer Bob Pearson of Trison Development likes to do with housing developments.

And that’s what Trison Development aimed to do with Pheasant Hills and Rock Brook housing developments in Montrose.

Pheasant Hills, located on the north side of town – 3rd Street North, got its start in 2000 and is essentially full, Pearson noted.

The development was built in four phases with a mix of housing options, two townhome buildings with a total of 26 townhomes, and 96 single-family home lots. The townhomes were developed by a different developer and are located on the far south end of the development.

Pearson feels that mixing housing options in a development is important, rather than centralizing with one type of housing. Mixing townhomes with residential helps create that sense of “community” that Pearson strives for.

Although Pearson doesn’t “specialize” in townhomes, and is not a builder himself, he feels there is a demand for single-level townhomes.

“Townhomes are low maintenance,” Pearson said.

Although construction was basically open to any builder in Pheasant Hills, there was an understanding with the builders that certain architectural features be maintained in each home, such as a three-car garage, brick front exterior, and similar square footage.

Affordable housing was also a “requirement” and goal for the Pheasant Hills development.

“Affordable housing – not entry-level, not high-end. Good lots with good value,” is how Pearson describes Pheasant Hills.

And Pearson is pleased with how the development has gone.

“Good value for the money,” Pearson reiterated.

One thing that Pearson says that people need to keep in mind when they move from a large urban area to a smaller community is that other growth, such as new businesses, will come.

Pearson realizes though, that many people like the smaller town setting, close to large city amenities that cities such as Montrose have to offer.

“A lot of things that the cities (such as Montrose) are doing have been very smart,” Pearson said, speaking of development and such.

Proximity to many area lakes, parks, and walking trails, its own elementary school in the city, with fifth – 12th grades in Buffalo, are some of the other positive attributes of Montrose.

In fact, Pheasant Hill’s last phase, the fourth addition, sits along a wetland area that is tied to a trail system with a dedicated park area that the City of Montrose owns, “a passive park,” as Pearson described it.

As Pearson likes to see a mix of housing options, Rock Brook housing development, on the south edge of Montrose, also lives up to this criteria.

When all is said and done, Rock Brook will contain single-family homes, townhomes, and rental units – apartment buildings.

In 2002, Rock Brook development began, and is basically full, as well, Pearson noted.

Trison Development is based out of Rogers and is currently working on a development in Monticello.

Montrose Housing General Information

Developments (9)

Pheasant Run

Rock Brook

Rolling Meadows

Forest Creek


Pheasant Hills

Ridgemont Townhomes

Ouverson Second Addition



Single family new house construction building permits:

1996 9 buildings, average cost $89,100

1997 3 buildings, average cost $98,700

1998 10 buildings, average cost $99,200

1999 16 buildings, average cost $98,500

2000 42 buildings, average cost $98,400

2001 101 buildings, average cost $114,200

2002 130 buildings, average cost $127,100

2003 108 buildings, average cost $140,400

2004 123 buildings, average cost $162,400

2005 126 buildings, average cost $171,400

Quick Facts

Six more developments have come before city council for at least preliminary plat or final plat.

In 1999, there were less than 300 homes in the city. Today, there are over 1,500 homes in the city.

Mean resident age is 29.5 years. Mean travel time to work is 32 minutes.

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