Dec. 4 , 2006

Delano municipal Utilities announces major changes to Conservation Incentive Program

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

Delano Municipal Utilities (DMU) will provide customers with free light bulbs as part of its involvement in the Conservation Incentive Program, which is mandated by the Department of Commerce of the State of Minnesota.

The intent of the program is to help foster energy savings by education, incentives to improve appliance efficiency, and related control and management tools for the utility.

The changes being made to the plan benefit residential customers by providing rebates to help purchase appliances with Energy Star rating.

Older, inefficient equipment must be removed from service to qualify. Program details will be included in Delano Municipal Utilities’ next newsletter.

Additionally, DMU will be providing Compact Fluorescents Lamps (CFLs) to each customer at no charge.

“It’s just one way to make people more aware of efficient energy consumption,” said DMU General Manager Hal Becker.

CFLs are energy-efficient bulbs providing the same amount of light while using only one-third the energy.

Information regarding the benefit of these lamps will be included in the package delivered to each residence.

“They use less energy than conventional bulbs – watt-for-watt, they put out more light,” Becker said.

Delivery will be early in February by Delano High School National Honor Society members, as part of their requirement to be involved in civic activities, and as a fund- raising opportunity in support of their exchange program with the sister school program in China.

The members will be suggesting locations where the lamps will have the most impact on saving energy, both for the consumer and the environment.

Information on how to purchase additional CFLs will be provided as part of the delivery packet and also will be available on the DMU web site.

“The initial distribution will be through the National Honor Society,” Becker said.

The interim program for commercial and industrial customers has been approved and extended by the Delano Water, Light, and Power Commission.

Commercial and industrial customers need to apply for customized rebates in lighting, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, motors, variable speed drives, and air compressor changes that save electric energy.

They will be reviewed on a project-by-project basis.

For more information, contact Delano Municipal Utilities at (763) 972-0557, or visit www.delanoutilities.us.

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