Nov. 6, 2006

Murder in the midst for fall musical

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

The Dassel-Cokato Performing Arts Center will soon be the setting for a comical murder mystery for the annual fall musical.

“Something’s Afoot” is a “spoof on British murder mysteries,” according to director Dave Metcalf.

The plot consists of 10 people stranded in a British manor during a storm, played by high school cast members from DC and Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted schools.

One-by-one, characters die mysteriously, according to Metcalf.

The play had been previously performed by the Village Players community theatre in 1987. Metcalf enjoyed it then and it was a fun show for both performers and the audience, he said.

Due to time restrictions, Metcalf needed a musical with a small cast, and chose this fun and light comedy, he said.

The cast includes some repeat actors, but overall, their experience varies, according to Metcalf. “Something’s Afoot” is a good building show for students to get more acting experience and to study a stylized form of acting, according to Metcalf.

Actors include, Amanda Imberg (DC), Sam Kampa (DC), Dan Kubasch (HLWW), Natalie Davis (DC), Alex Pfeifle (DC), Erick Carlsted (HLWW), Hope Horstmann (HLWW), Nick Collins (DC), Tynelle Marschall (DC), and Karl Schliep (HLWW).

Staff members include, Don Anderson, music director; Brian Veith, instrumental director; Dan Kyllonen, set builder; Ron Hungerford, lighting director, and Linda Metcalf, costumer.

“It’s silly, yet somewhat suspenseful. I’m hoping people will enjoy watching ‘light-hearted’ murders,” Metcalf said. “It’s sort of Monty Python meets Agatha Christie.”

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