Nov. 27, 2006

New ortho clinic planned for Elm Avenue

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

A request to construct an orthodontic clinic on Elm Avenue was approved by the Delano City Council Tuesday at its regular meeting.

Dr. Michael McDermott of Delano Ortho applied for a conditional use permit to construct his clinic in the residential/business-zoned area. The proposed one-story clinic will consist of 3,736 square feet.

In 2004, approval was given to Delano Family Dental Clinic to occupy the building at 707 Elm Ave. Through that administrative subdivision, the city retained the lot to the east of the dental clinic, which is where McDermott is proposing his clinic to go.

In August, the city reviewed a concept plan for the site, and Tuesday authorized the conditional use permit, the development agreement, and the sale of the property to McDermott.

A resident who lives near the proposed clinic expressed concern about lighting issues, and was told the lights would be out when the clinic is not open for business, with the exception of security lighting.

Discussion also took place with the resident about the possibility of expansion at the clinic, the types of businesses that will be located, and concerns about traffic-related issued.

It was noted that the parking ordinance required by the city limits the amount of expansion that could be done on the site, but that does not mean that it could never be expanded in some capacity.

Offer extended for public works supervisor position

An offer has been extended to Lanny Gleason of Altoona, Wis. for the position of public works supervisor for the City of Delano.

City Administrator Phil Kern said 16 applications had been received for the position, and eight were interviewed. From there, the top two were selected, and took part in second interviews.

Council Member Joe McDonald felt that Gleason “seemed to have all the right stuff for the position.”

Gleason has 20 years of experience in public works, having worked in three different cities, it was noted. His references and background checks didn’t show anything of concern to the city, and an offer has been extended to him for employment.

Council Member Holly Schrupp excused herself from conversation and voting on the issue due to her husband’s position with public works.

County ditch issues back in the county’s ballpark

An update was given to the city council from Kern about Wright County Ditch 34.

A proposed industrial park has hit a roadblock due to drainage concerns stemming from county ditch 34. Wright County asked the City of Delano to conduct a study on the ditch as part of the city’s application for the industrial park.

The drainage area for the ditch covers more than 1,400 acres, Kern noted, of which the city’s project is roughly 3 percent of that area.

It was decided by the council to address a letter to the county, stating the city would be willing to meet with the county to discuss the study and if the costs can be split between the city, county, and Franklin Township.

A split of the city being responsible for 25 percent, the township being responsible for 25 percent, and the county being responsible for 50 percent was tossed out.

It was decided to include in the letter that if the county does not wish to consider the proposal for splitting the costs of the study, that the county board act on the city’s application for the industrial park, either approving or denying it, so the city can move forward.

City to work with school in creation of new banners

The council approved the purchase of 28 banners and 10 gallons of paint for the creation of new banners for the downtown area.

Currently, the city has banners downtown donated by Delano Municipal Utilities and the Delano Area Chamber of Commerce. The utilities staff hangs and maintains the banners.

In 2007, the city will work with Delano Schools to involve students in the middle and high school who would design and create banners reflecting the students’ pride in the community.

Kern said he did a similar project when he was with the City of New Hope in the 1990s, and found tremendous participation and appreciation for the project. It is estimated the cost for the project will be between $1,600 and $2,000.

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