Aug. 14, 2006

Papa Tom's Bar and Grill opens in Winsted

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

Tom Sudheimer and his wife, Brenda, of Norwood Young America, are the new owners of Papa Tom’s Bar and Grill at 111 1st St. No. in Winsted.

“This has been my dream. I always wanted to own a bar. I told my wife before I die, I am going to buy a bar,” Sudheimer said.

His dream has finally come true thanks to the labor of family and friends who have been working 20-hour days with him since he purchased the bar July 31, getting it ready for its opening Aug. 7.

Previous customers, when the bar was known as Tom’s Corner Bar, will be pleasantly surprised by the many changes to the building that have been made already, and there will be many more changes to come, Sudheimer said.

New lighting, wall and ceiling paneling, new floor, the removal of the stage, and newly remodeled bathrooms have been completed.

A touch-tone juke box will be coming soon and will definitely add to the atmosphere, Sudheimer said.

Outside, construction gave the back of the building a better foundation, and a 12-foot by 25-foot deck, that will overlook the lake, should be completed this week.

Sudheimer has plans to change the exterior of the building, too. The front will be painted tan and the back will be covered with a brick-look siding.

For the bar’s opening night, a group of regulars played Texas Hold-em. Sudheimer is hoping that everyone who enjoyed playing cards with the previous ownership will return. In fact, he would like to see all of the regular events continue as they had before with the previous owner.

A 52-inch television will soon be added with special events for Vikings’ games. Also, some league events with darts and pool are in Sudheimer’s plans.

Meet the Sudheimers

Sudheimer is from Cologne and Brenda is originally from Hamburg. Both grew up on family farms. Brenda is currently employed by Embarq Telephone in Chaska, previously owned by Sprint.

They have two children that live in Norwood Young America. Their daughter is Kristin. Their son, Jay, is married to Krystel, and they have two children: Dominik, 5, and Gavin, 2.

Sudheimer’s hobby is biking (motorcycles) and he and his wife, with a group of 8 to 10 couples, have been on a number of biking trips together, visiting places like Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming.

Sudheimer would really like to see if there is an interest in making a bike run from his bar next May or June.

He has been a part of a number of bike runs for different fundraisers out of Norwood Young America and he would like to see something like that be part of his bar. Anyone interested should contact Sudheimer with suggestions at (320) 485-4288.

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