Oct. 30, 2006

It’s coming up roses and ghosts at the Posey Patch

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

“Charlie,” the friendly ghost who stops by Posey Patch Flowers and Log Cabin Gifts, owned by Doug and Janell Sawatzke, has quite a following.

Area residents and a wide range of customers, often times will stop at the store to inquire if Charlie has been around lately, Janell said.

Charlie normally does not visit during daytime hours; rather, he prefers to cause trouble at night when no one is in the shop.

The trouble he causes is mostly knocking things off the shelves, explained Janell.

Janell said that last week, Charlie must have been mad at them because for three days in a row, there were miscellaneous items on the floor when they opened up the store in the morning.

“Otherwise, we haven’t heard from him since last December,” Janell laughed.

Charlie has a ghostly cohort, who has not been named. Charlie is a tall man, and has been seen once by an employee, who said he was wearing a brown jacket.

The name Charlie was given to the ghost in remembrance of a man named Charlie who owned a meat market in town, and passed away a long time ago.

The un-named friend is short. Janell saw him one time.

Janell explained that one morning, as they were opening the store, there was one customer who came in right away. As she was helping that customer, a little old man wearing a hat, walked by Janell. After the customer left, Janell turned to help the old man, but didn’t see him.

Janell asked an employee, who had been arranging merchandise near the front door, “Where did that man go?”

The employee said, “What man? We’ve just had the one customer so far this morning, and I’ve been by the door the whole time.”

“The doors open and close a lot, that happens all the time,” Janell laughed. At night, “we see shadows a lot,” she said.

The building was originally a furniture store, in the east half of the current store, and a funeral home, in the west half.

When Doug and Janell were installing new flooring, soon after they purchased the store, they discovered a large, six-foot opening in the floor on the old funeral home side of the store. They figured that this must have been where caskets were lowered into the basement because that is where the old funeral home would store caskets.

Needless to say, the Sawatzkes repaired the floor, and the hole is no longer there.

Doug and Janell have owned the store for 10 years, and have learned to live with these strange occurrences.

Janell said, “I never believed in ghosts before we bought this store. There has just been too many strange things that happen, and too many people that have witnessed the same things.”

Janell explained that Charlie and his friend are not scary, they just like to visit.

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