Dec. 4 , 2006

Local pastor gets ink for challenging an atheist article

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

Pastor Robert Hellmannn of St. Paul’s and Trinity Lutheran Churches of Montrose recently had his rebuttal to an atheist article printed in the Star Tribune.

The atheist’s article was printed in the Star Tribune Nov. 4.

“I thought the article deserved a response from a Christian. So I took a shot at it,” Pastor Hellmannn said.

The pastor said that he reads the paper a lot to draw from when he prepares his sermons.

“I usually get good sermon illustrations from the paper,” he said.

Faith and values: Pastor challenges Dawkins’ atheism arguments

The following is what Pastor Hellmannn submitted to the Star Tribune.

Richard Dawkins, author of the book “The God Delusion,” intends that religious readers of his book will be atheists when they finish it. Let’s put some of the statements he made in his Nov. 4 Star Tribune interview to the test.

Dawkins claims that evolutionary science “offers a brilliant and beautiful explanation of origins and existence.” But evolutionists assert that this universe and everything in it has come about by chance.

There is no plan, no divine planner/creator – just random combinations of atoms.

What’s brilliant about a random, unplanned process?

Can such a random process actually work?

Sir Fred Hoyle, noted English astronomer, studied the problem and concluded this: The probability of one cell coming into being by chance was the same as the probability that a tornado striking a junkyard would produce a fully functioning 747 jet airplane.

In other words, the chance of it happening is virtually zero.

What is beautiful about evolution? It requires a struggle in which the fit survive and the weak are trampled in the dust.

Progress is made by almost endless generations of creatures living, struggling, and dying. Where is there beauty in an every-organism-for-itself struggle?

Even though the fit may survive a little longer, they are trapped in an existence without purpose or meaning. Such a dreary and hopeless spectacle can only be described as ugly.

A world without religion

Dawkins asks us to imagine what a world without religion would look like. We don’t have to imagine it. We have seen it and the results were horrific.

Communism, based on atheism and evolution, was tried in the Soviet Union. Stalin, the Communist dictator, ordered the murders of about 30 million of his citizens during his ruthless rule.

Those who escaped liquidation lived in a “workers’ paradise” of poverty and oppression.

About 100 years ago, evolution spawned two abhorrent social movements. Social Darwinism was used by some titans of industry to justify their predatory, ruthless business practices.

Eugenics was a racist movement that some used to try to keep people they considered undesirable (the infirm, disabled, racial minorities) from reproducing.

Hitler, an atheist and evolutionist, used that idea to justify purging his favored Aryan race of the disabled or weak, as well as killing millions of Jews and others he deemed undesirable.

Atheism and evolution are based on the philosophy (religion) of materialism. Materialism asserts that matter is all that exists and that there is no God.

Since materialists begin by denying the existence of God, it’s no surprise that they don’t find God revealed anywhere.

I challenge Richard Dawkins to study the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the book of Acts. Jesus invites all to come out of the hopelessness of the religion of atheism and live in his light and the salvation that he offers to all.

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