Oct. 23, 2006

Popular Red Wing shoes return to Delano

By Cullen Schultz
Staff Writer

Saturday marked the return of Red Wing shoes to Delano, when John Tackaberry opened the Red Wing Shoes Outlet Store in town, at Star West.

The store carries all the brands and merchandise customers are accustomed to from the Red Wing chain, at a discount price.

“The products are second to none,” Tackaberry said.

Tackaberry grew up in St. Paul, spent time in the military, and attended the University of Minnesota for a couple of years. After college, he moved to Dallas, Texas, and got into the trucking industry in the sales marketing department.

Looking to buy a car dealership, Tackaberry purchased Roustons in 1980, with backing from his uncle. He knew the Delano area, and Roustons, because he had purchased cars from there earlier.

He turned Roustons into what in now known as Star West Chevrolet-Honda Sports, and has owned it for the last 26 years. Star West Chevrolet focuses on automobiles, and Honda Sports specializes in every motorized product Honda makes except for cars, such as watercraft, ATVs, lawnmowers, outboard motors, motorcycles, and generators.

Red Wing Shoes is the newest addition to the Honda Sports show floor, with special racking to accommodate the products. It will bring Delano something it hasn’t had in about eight years – a place locally to buy footwear.

Originally, there was a Red Wing Shoe store in Delano, known as Bill’s Shoes, but it closed about eight years ago, and now Tackaberry hopes to bring it back.

“Our approach is to bring it back to Delano in a big way,” Tackaberry said.

Red Wing Shoes will provide steel toe, motorcycle, hunting, and outdoor boots and casual shoes, to name a few.

This is a perfect fit for Star West, because now, if you want to buy a outdoor vehicle, you can also buy outdoor footwear and apparel at the same place, without leaving Delano.

Tackaberry knows people have needs and wants, and by bringing Red Wing Shoes to town, he hopes to provide goods and services locally, to draw consumers to shop locally.

“Keep people shopping local,” Tackaberry said.

Tackaberry has a lot of imagination and likes to think out of the box, and he is constantly thinking of new ways to bring business to the community.

“Going to do whatever it takes, at Star West, to create traffic and keep consumers in Delano. If we have to, we may consider adding a disco on our show floor to implement and enhance the shopping experience within our community,” Tackaberry said with a smile.

Red Wing Shoes Outlet is located in Star West Chevrolet-Honda Sports Inc. on Highway 12 in Delano. Stop in to see the new store and enjoy free pizza, pop, and coffee.

For more information call (763) 972-2984 or visit www.starwestchev.com.

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