HJ/EDJuly 31, 2006

Former Dassel man spreads the Word to Romanians by flying

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Former Dassel High School graduate Craig Lieberg uses his passion for flying to help spread the Word of God throughout communist driven countries.

Lieberg, formerly of Dassel, is working his commitment to the Lord by short-term mission work.

In June, Lieberg was appointed to the board of directors of International Messenger, a missionary organization that spreads the word of God throughout Europe.

As a child, Lieberg read the book, “Jungle Pilot,” which was the basis for the recently released movie, “End of the Spear.”

The true story was about five men who were killed by a tribe in Ecuador while they were on a mission to spread the Word in January 1956.

Nate Saint was the pilot who flew mission groups into areas such as the jungle in Ecuador where the tribe took his life.

“My wife stood on the same beach where the five men were killed,” Lieberg said.

Lieberg obtained a pilot’s license and has retired from Northwest Airline as a aircraft maintenance supervisor.

Now, he has a Romanian license to fly planes and uses his expertise at Angel’s Wings Foundation, a Romanian camp with the main goal is Evangelism of youth through sports, especially aviation.

The camp is for 18-to 25-year-olds to fly ultralight airplanes, build relationships through other activities and learn the Gospel message.

Lieberg’s first trip to Romania was to help renovate the River of Life Care Home in Cornesti, Romania through International Messenger.

River of Life is now home to not only Angel’s Wings but a safe home for young Romanian women, babies and soon-to-be a care home for seniors.

“It’s new and exciting for them,” Lieberg said.

He will be leaving for Romania in August for the next Angel’s Wings camp.

Lieberg told a story of a young Romanian policeman who came to the camp cold-hearted, but left singing songs and building relationships with the other camp members who had once been intimidated by him.

Lieberg found out in a later trip, the 23-year-old had been baptized and made a commitment to the Lord.

He is now involved with the Christian Policeman’s Association.

“Seeing a change in his life and heart, makes the trip worth while,” Lieberg said.

“And of course I enjoy the flying,” he laughed.

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