HJ/EDJune 12, 2006

Dean Schmitz honored for 4,000 volunteer hours

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

Dean Schmitz of Dassel received a letter of commendation from President George Bush for volunteering 4,000 hours of community service in the police officers reserve.

A copy of the letter, also signed by US Senators Bob Dole and John Glenn, as well as Darrell Green, chairman of the president’s council on service and civic participation, was received by the city council last Monday.

The award for 2005 also required local sponsorship. Schmitz was sponsored by the minnesota Police Reserves Officer Association. He volunteered leading bicycle safety programs, and served as extra eyes and ears for police officers at baseball games, door checks, Red Rooster Day events, street dances and in ride alongs with Dassel police officers.

‘It was a good learning experience,” Schmitz said Wednesday. “It makes you aware of the people around you.”

“By volunteering, you have joined a remarkable team that includes millions of Americans whose everyday acts of kindness and decency make our country a better place,” Green said in the letter.

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