Sept. 4, 2006

A collection from around the world

By Samantha Schommer
Staff Intern

A trip around the world, many years ago, led to the beginning of what is now the pride and joy of a Lester Prairie woman.

Marcy Schwartz, a Lester Prairie resident of 64 years, started collecting oriental dolls on her trip around the world decades ago.

Her trip began in Hawaii, where she picked up her sister, Tookie.

From there, Marcy, Tookie, and Marcy’s husband Elmer, traveled to Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Turkey, and Italy.

Schwartz bought dolls from every one of those countries, and packed them in her suitcase to take home.

While in Iran, the threesome visited Tookie’s husband who was stationed at a military base there.

There were no problems during her journey around the world.

“Everything went smoothly,” Schwartz said.

A male doll aquired in Iran has a female companion doll, but Schwartz is missing that from her collection.

She hopes to find it to complete the set.

The collection, consisting of about 50 to 60 items, has pieces that were not only bought on her trip, but pieces that were given to Schwartz as gifts, as well.

Russian nesting dolls, Swedish dancer dolls, and several others were given to Schwartz by family and friends.

“I had twin sisters who would always take the few dolls that I had, so I never really had dolls to play with. So I guess that’s why I started collecting dolls when I got older,” Schwartz said.

Unable to find a favorite, Schwartz said that she loves them all.

She has brought her collection into area schools to show off her unique oriental collection.

Not only does Schwartz collect dolls from around the world, she also has a 60-piece collection of dolls that she bought at area antique stores, garage sales, and craft fairs.

Tookie, Schwartz’s sister who passed away about three years ago, was well known in the Lester Prairie area.

Schwartz often flew across the world to visit her ever-traveling sister, and made clothes for her.

Schwartz enjoys spending time with her family; she has seven children, and looks forward to their visits.

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