Sept. 11, 2006

Howard Lake to survey sidewalks

By Jennifer Gallus
Staff Writer

The need to survey the condition of sidewalks in the city was addressed at the Howard Lake council meeting Tuesday.

The issue was raised due to requests from residents on the west side of 10th Ave., between Highway 12 and Seventh St., to have their sidewalk fixed now that the east side of 10th Ave. has been repaired.

The city budgets $6,000 per year to repair and replace sidewalks. The remaining balance for this year in that budget is $1,815. It was stated that this amount would not be enough to completely replace the sidewalk on 10th St. It costs about $4 per square foot to replace a sidewalk.

There was discussion as to whether the city could replace part of the sidewalk this year and complete the rest of the sidewalk next year, when the budget would support this.

Council member Jan Gilmer stated, “If we can’t find money to take care of it, then we should wait until spring. But if we could take care of it this year, it would be nice to satisfy some residents.”

Discussion resulted in an agreement to scope out how much to budget per year for the next five years to get the city’s sidewalks in shape.

Mayor Terry Ostgulen suggested the city look into how much money is left in other budget areas and decide if money could be pulled from those budgets for use in sidewalk repair.

It was also suggested by Ostgulen that after the city has surveyed the state of sidewalks, it go ahead and get bids for replacement.

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