Oct. 16, 2006

From one Carver to the next, Sil-Pro moves into the future

The reigns at Delano’s Sil-Pro were passed from its current president, Lee Carver, to his son, Kevin Carver, Oct. 16.

This transition was months in the making, under the company’s transition plan. But to be more accurate, you could say that this was years in the making, going back to when Kevin first joined the Sil-Pro team in 2000.

Prior to joining Sil-Pro, Kevin was already serving as president of a different organization. He had founded a successful aquarium design and acrylic fabrication business called Acrylium.

It was at Acrylium that Kevin began to learn what it takes to lead an organization where the product is engineering-intensive, customer demands are heavy, and product quality are of the utmost importance.

Kevin recognized that Sil-Pro, the company his father had helped found, presented similar challenges but also had its foot in the door of the growing medical device industry. It was, in large part, for this reason that Kevin decided to make the difficult choice to sell his acrylic fabrication business and join the team at Sil-Pro.

Kevin has served as vice president since starting at Sil-Pro. In this role at the quickly growing company, Kevin has had to wear many hats.

However, his primary focus has been in engineering. Kevin personally pushed and supervised Sil-Pro’s efforts to automate the molding, part removal, slitting, and vision inspection of some of the company’s highest volume parts. In addition to engineering, Kevin has worked tirelessly to drive the energies of Sil-Pro employees to try and make Sil-Pro a world class supplier to the medical device industry.

As its president, Kevin will continue to lead Sil-Pro’s growth by providing vision, leadership, and direction for its employees. In recent months and years, Sil-Pro has continued to make great strides in strengthening its management team, which will provide Kevin the support he needs to make this important step into Sil-Pro’s future.

As for Lee, he too, is stepping into a new role. As founder, Lee will still be at Sil-Pro four days a week, and will continue to nurture the customer and supplier relationships he has established over his 42-plus years in the rubber molding industry.

This well-planned succession ensures that the future of Sil-Pro is going to be in trusted and able hands, and that the transition is not too abrupt for Sil-Pro, or its customers.

With this plan and these actions in place, Sil-Pro is well-positioned to continue its rapid growth, and will continue to be a great place to work and a valued supplier to its customers.

“During his years starting and building his own company and then during his time as vice president of Sil-Pro, Kevin has proven that he has the vision, the work ethic, the skills, and the desire to make Sil-Pro a world class organization. It gives me a great sense of security and pride knowing that the organization that I helped build will be in such able hands,” Lee said.

Sil-Pro is an injection molder and extruder of custom silicone components, primarily serving the medical device industry.

See www.sil-pro.com for more information.

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