Dec. 4 , 2006

President George Bush telephones Cokato soldier

By Roz Kohls
Staff Writer

President George Bush telephoned Army Specialist Joseph Casey of Cokato, who is serving in Afghanistan, to wish him a happy Thanksgiving Nov. 23.

Casey, 26, is the son of Michael and Kris Casey of Cokato.

Casey is a scout for the Army’s 10th Mountain Division. He was out in the field on reconnaissance when he was notified a week in advance that he would be called by Bush. He was flown to a base where he would be available to receive the call, his father said.

Bush called two service people from each branch of the military. They were selected by merit and recommended by their commanding officers. Casey maintains $1 million worth of equipment, including advanced optics grenade launchers.

In addition to talking about Thanksgiving, they discussed classified information regarding the situation in Afghanistan, Michael Casey said.

Most recently Casey was at home in Cokato when he was on leave in June. His service in Afghanistan might end in the beginning of February. Casey possibly will be home for an extended leave then. Afterward, he will go to Fort Drum, N.Y., where he is stationed, his father said.

Casey also has a sister, Anne, who is married to Eric Morkid. They live in Crystal.

The other nine members of the armed forces who received Thanksgiving calls from Bush are serving in Iraq, Japan, Qatar, Alaska and California.

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