Oct. 9, 2006

Delano soldiers meet a world away

1st Lieutenant Garret Litfin of Delano was walking around his base at Al Taquaadum, Iraq one day when he noticed a fellow soldier with a Minnesota National Guard patch on his sleeve.

Litfin stopped the gentleman to ask where he was from, and Dan McDonald said he was from a small town in Minnesota, just west of the Twin Cities, that Litfin had probably never heard of.

In a small world encounter, half a world away, both soldiers learned each other is from Delano.

After months away from friends and family, amidst the dangers of war, the coincidental meeting helped both soldiers feel a little bit closer to home.

Garret Litfin is a CH-46 helicopter pilot in the US Marine Corps. He pilots casualty evacuations and troop movement operations and has been deployed to Iraq since August.

Dan McDonald is a mechanic in the Army National Guard and works on a team responsible for recovering vehicles that have either been destroyed or are down and require maintenance. He has been in Iraq since March.

Both are currently stationed at Al Taquaadum, Iraq.

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