Dec. 4 , 2006

An act of Christmas kindness

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

Bob Terwey of Dassel has many friends and co-workers who have taken it upon themselves to rebuild a home in the spirit of Christmas.

Terwey has worked at the Crow River Golf Course in Hutchinson for more than 10 years, and his boss, Kevin Froeming has wanted to help for some time, but it took a few years of convincing, he said.

“Bob has always went above and beyond his job and the members adore him,” Froeming said.

Froeming, along with help from the golf course members, friends of Terwey and the businesses of Dassel, are coming together to make a livable home for him.

Terwey has been living in a home along Third Street in Dassel in unlivable conditions.

“He got behind and the project was too big for him,” Froeming said.

The home has been torn down and will be rebuilt from the current foundation with an added single-car garage.

For Terwey, there are “ups and downs” to starting all over again, he said.

On one hand, he said, it was hard for him to see his life go to the landfill, but on the other, it was wonderful to see the support from his friends.

“It just goes to show you can never have too many friends,” Terwey said.

He even admits, “I’ve been a pack rat since I was four, my mother said.”

Terwey moved to Dassel in the 1980s and worked at what is now Spectralytics. After he was laid-off due to company downsizing, Terwey went to work for Busses’ nursery in Cokato. From there he went to work for the golf course.

Terwey will now have the privilege of owning a new home. Much of the supplies needed to build the home that will cost approximately $30,000-$40,000 including the furnishings, has been sold at cost.

Ideal Lumber of Litchfield, is selling doors, windows, shingles, siding, and lumber at cost, according to Project Manager Keith Schultz.

Schultz became involved with the project through his son, Jeff, who had worked with Bob at the country club.

“We knew Bob and it was something we could do in our own community. It is nice to do something for someone around Christmas,” Schultz said.

Other local businesses supporting the project and donating either time or supplies include Pat Hansen of Bonniwell Electric, Hansen Hardware, Ziemer Plumbing of Hutchinson, Farm Rite, and Froeming Construction, Ideal Lumber, and many more.

The City of Dassel has helped with the expedience of the building permits as well as suppling electricity from the city’s shed.

“The project is great. We are happy to see it happening,” said Myles McGrath city administrator.

The crew was hoping to have the house ready for him to move in by Christmas, but, “It’s looking more like mid-January,” Froeming said.

“It’s small, so it will go fast,” he said.

Terwey has been overwhelmed with the whole project, but is looking forward to a new home.

“Other than a pair of shoes, I’ve never had anything new before,” he said.

More of the story to come in a follow-up.

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