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January 29, 2007, Herald Journal

Applauding our dedicated community and the wise decisions of our not-so-tiny tigers


Recently I’ve attended events at Delano Public Schools that have caused me to think about the teens in our community. Some of these events were sponsored, in part, by MEADA (Meth Education and Drug Awareness).

There were 400 drug safety books distributed to students, Wright County deputies gave a presentation on Internet safety, and there was a performance by CLIMB Theatre about meth addiction.

These are just a few of many activities put together for youth in our area. These events and the many others, which are sponsored by organizations, businesses, and schools in the community, should make us proud. They keep us and our children informed, which will assist them in making healthy and safe decisions.

Although the teenage years are a time of great opportunity, they are also a time when children face difficult challenges and decisions. Sometimes, it’s easy for adults to forget how tough it can be to be a teenager. The amount of choices they have to make and the pressure they feel can be overwhelming.

Research shows that 87 percent of teens face at least one negative peer pressure situation every day. Peer pressure may influence teenagers in a number of ways, including, but not limited to alcohol and other drug use, relationships, fashions, music, and academics.

We tend to have an easier time noticing when something is wrong or bad decisions are made. When things are going well and good choices are made, we may not give enough time or praise to the children who deserve it.

I would like to use my column this week to commend our community for being dedicated to our youth and to applaud those not-so-tiny tigers (teenagers) for making wise decisions in their lives.

Tiny Tales is a column dedicated to children in our community and the times when they create a wonderful story to tell. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, family member, caregiver, teacher or anyone with a child in your life… there’s always a tiny tale to tell.

It may be cute or funny things a child has said or done. Any of those endearing moments you love to share with others and people, like me, enjoy reading.

Here in Delano we are proud of our community, our schools and our children… why not have a column about our little ‘tigers’?

You can email your tiny tales to; jbakken@hjpub.com, fax them to 763-972-1029 or mail them to Tiny Tales, 430 Hwy 12 E. Suite 4, PO Box 498, Delano, MN 55328.