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March 5, 2007, Herald Journal

First-graders in the White House


Recently Delano Elementary School first grade students were asked “If you were President, what would you change?” and “Why would it be fun to be President?”

I was able to help a bit with this project and the children’s answers were so cute I just had to include some of them in my column.

What would happen if first graders took over the White House? Their answers may give us a clue.

If I were President:

• “I would make Kleenexes differently.”

• “I would change the color of the White House to a ‘Red House.’”

• “I would change things so people couldn’t fight.”

• “I would have everyone go skating more often.”

• “I would make sure there would be no mean dogs and no dogs in people’s yards.”

• “I would have no more wars.”

• “I would buy a lot of stuff for my house.”

• “I would buy horses, a computer, and a purple phone.”

• “I would buy dogs and buy medicine for my dad because he is allergic to dogs.”

• “I’d make it so I could stay up until 1 a.m.”

• “I would make it so I could play Playstation every day, no sleeping, no eating, no anything, just Playstation.”

• “I would make sure you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom.”

It would be fun to be the President:

• “Because I could go swimming whenever I wanted.”

• “It would be fun to live in the White House because it is huge!”

• “Because I could bowl whenever I wanted and play checkers and Monopoly. It would also be fun to have a swimming pool upstairs.”

• “Because it would be fun to own an airplane.”

• “Because it would be fun to be the boss!”

• “Because it would be fun to have an ice rink in my yard.”

• “It would be fun to tell people what to do.”

• “Because I could do anything I wanted.”

• “Because I could ride a horse.”

• “Because you can change stuff and live in the White House.”

• “It would be fun to lead everyone.”

• “Because everyone would listen to me, except God.”

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