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April 16, 2007, Herald Journal

Me . . . me . . . me . . . giving feels good


On Easter weekend, my children and I attended the Knights of Columbus Easter Egg Event and it was exrtremely cold. They were unable to have an egg hunt due to the weather, but they handed out treats to all the children.

At one point, my daughter whined, “I don’t care about candy anymore, I’m cold and want to sit in the car!”

We managed to brave the cold, as many did, and the treat bags were great. I think everyone envied the woman dressed in the bunny costume . . . she had to be the warmest person there!

Afterward, my children and I boiled and decorated about three dozen eggs, and made a dozen little Easter baskets.

I thought it would be nice to go to Golden Living Center, the local nursing home, and hand out Easter treats. My 6-year-old, with the typical “me, me, me” attitude, asked, “And, why are we doing this?”

I told her that some people who live in nursing homes may not have any family or visitors, and it would be a nice thing to do. I explained that it feels pretty good to give.

Off we went, both my 9- and 6-year-old had big baskets filled with the little Easter gifts they made. A nice woman, who worked at Golden Living Center, helped us find residents who could eat our treats, and the children took turns giving them out. It was very cute and many smiles were seen.

One gentleman told my daughter, “This is the best Easter gift I’ve ever had, and given to me by the cutest girl!” Of course he became my daughter’s favorite! (There’s always a hint of that “me, me, me” attitude, isn’t there?)

When we were done, my son, on his own, helped someone by holding the door open for them and added, “Can I help you with anything else?” He took our nice-ness trip and RAN with it all the way!

While driving home, my daughter said, “That was nice of us.” My son said, “Yeah, that felt good.” Then my “little princess” added, “I think everyone thought I was cute, they all smiled at me.”

I think we’ll keep working on that “me, me, me” thing!

When we got home and walked in the door, they both complained while plugging their noses, “Oh . . . yuck, what’s that smell?”

I’m sure you can imagine after making three-dozen hard-boiled eggs what my house smelled like!

Before I could answer, my daughter quickly asked, “Oh yeah, hey . . . can I have one of those ROTTEN eggs?”

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