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April 23, 2007, Herald Journal

A cat without a name?


A few months ago, our beloved family cat, Disney, passed away. Of course, this was difficult for the children, but it didn’t take long for them to start asking for a new cat.

My daughter, who has Daddy wrapped around her little fingers, batted her eyelashes, made a perfect pout face, and begged him for a cat.

Off he went a few days later with the kids, to find the perfect feline friend to add to the family.

I didn’t go with, but I did suggest white or light-colored fur, because the shedding would be less noticeable on our cream carpet. After hours of searching a couple different places, they came home with a long-haired VERY black cat.

“It was the only one everyone could agree on,” my husband said.

Since I didn’t want to become best friends with our vacuum cleaner, I was a little upset, but I wasn’t about to make them take the cat back.

I understand my husband’s frustration with trying to find a pet everyone agreed on. Some days, I wonder if we ever agree on anything!

Here’s a perfect example; we can’t agree on a name for the cat. It’s the cat without a name.

Since it was a stray, the place it was purchased from had given it the name Oprah, and I didn’t think it was right to have a cat named Oprah. I guess you can say I opened the door for more disagreements.

I thought we could call her “Tippy,” since she is missing the tip of one of her ears. No one else liked the name.

My husband thought “Ol’ One Ear” was good. Although funny, it just wasn’t working for anyone.

My daughter thought “Cinnamon” was cute and claimed the cat smelled like cinnamon. I strongly disagreed with this because I’m the one stuck cleaning the litter box and I can say for certain, the word cinnamon has never crossed my mind.

My 9-year-old son simply calls the cat “Kitty” and doesn’t agree with any name suggested.

I’m afraid that “Oprah, Tippy, Ol’ One Ear, Cinnamon, Kitty” is currently confused, although she will respond to whatever name is used.

I’ve often had to pick my battles because some are just not worth the time or energy of battling. I guess this is one of those times.

Do you think it’s okay to have a cat without a name?

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