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May 7, 2007, Herald Journal

You are my . . . sasnin?


One day last week, my children were driving me crazy. If they weren’t fighting, they were whining. If they weren’t trashing the house, they were complaining.

I became fed up and sent them to their rooms. I’d simply had enough. I told them that if driving me crazy was their intention, they had completely succeeded.

I mentioned that if they were ever paid for the job of driving me crazy, they would be billionaires by now.

While I voiced my utter frustration, I told them I was tired of being a maid, taxi, laundromat, cook, tutor, counselor, and referee, while also working full time.

I must have laid the guilt on a little too thick, because my daughter slipped a note out from under her bedroom door.

The note was in her cute, 6-year-old handwriting, and she had used her first-grade spelling.

The note read;


you are my sasnin

my onele sasnin

you make me happy

wane skys are gray

you will never no dear

how mach I love you

pies dot take my sasnin away.

That note will be saved forever. It was quite possibly the cutest, sweetest, and most touching note this mom has ever received.

However, much to my daughter’s dismay, it did not immediately excuse her from being sent to her room.

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