Oh, to be a kid again

October 22, 2007

by Jen Bakken

Oh, to be a kid again
When a crushed pop can
In your bicycle tire
Could turn you into
Evil Knievel
Or, when brand new sneakers
Made you certain
You could run in the

Oh, to be a kid again
When you could dress up
Put a crown on your head
And instantly become
Or, when dressing Barbie’s
In outfit after outfit
Made you feel like a
Fashion designer

Oh, to be a kid again
When steam from the shower
And a little air guitar
Made you rock like
Eddie Van Halen
Or, when you could hit a home run
During the bottom of the 9th
With bases loaded for the
Minnesota Twins

Oh, to be a kid again
When a full length mirror
And mom’s make-up
Could turn you into
Cindy Crawford
Or, when stuffed animals
Made an audience and
A hairbrush made you a
Pop star

Oh, to be a kid again
When a frozen pond
Could be a hockey rink
And you could play like
Wayne Gretsky
Or, when a red towel
Around your neck
Made you fly like

Oh, to be a kid again

Tiny Tales is a column dedicated to children and families in our community, and the times when they create a wonderful story to tell.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, family member, caregiver, teacher or anyone with a child in your life. . . there’s always a tiny tale to tell. It may be cute or funny things a child has said or done.

Any of those endearing moments you love to share with others and people, like me, enjoy reading.

Here in Delano, we are proud of our community, our schools, and our children. . . why not have a column about our little ‘tigers’?

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