Moms shouldn't be allowed to text

October 29, 2007

by Jen Bakken

Awhile ago, I received a text message forwarded to me by my children’s babysitter.

It was just a cute little joke or something. I then forwarded it to people in my contacts list, including my oldest son.

I guess I didn’t have to forward it because in return, my 17-year-old son sent me this text message;

“Just cuz it was sent 2 U doesn’t mean U HAVE 2 forward it”

Which is short for “Just because it was sent to you doesn’t mean you have to forward it to me.”

Quickly after, my son sent me another text message; “Moms shouldn’t be allowed to text!”

I guess it annoyed him that I was trying to join the crowd or get hip with the times. (Hip? Well, I guess that pushes me right back out of the crowd!)

Maybe it’s embarrassing to be out with a group of friends and get a text message from your mom.

Things have changed for us parents. Not only have computers and the Internet created a whole new world of conveniences and inconveniences, but now cell phones are getting more technical.

I think my son should be impressed I’ve figured out how to change settings on my cell phone. He used to change the ringer and I’d be stuck with a ridiculous song for weeks until he changed it again. Now, I can fix his little pranks and send him text messages like; “U R a dork but mummy luvs U, LOL”

Which is short for “you are a dork but mommy loves you, laugh out loud.”

Not all of my texting can be attributed to my teenager. My boss at the Delano Herald Journal, Ryan Gueningsman, is what I like to call; “The King of text.” I have no idea how he types those messages so fast. I’ve learned many of the common abbreviations from him and was even forced to start paying for unlimited text messages. (Once you go over your limit, you make sure it never happens again!)

Maybe my son is starting to get used to text messages from his mom, because the other night, instead of sending, “Mom’s shouldn’t be allowed to text!” he sent me, “wat u up 2?”

Did he miss his mommy? No, he wouldn’t admit that, claiming he was just really bored.

Either way, I’m thankful for text messages, it’s one more way to keep tabs on those busy teenagers in our lives.

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