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January 29, 2007, Herald Journal

Who talks more?


Women have been teased throughout the ages for talking too much.

We seem to have a reputation for talking. Some even refer to a group of women talking as a hen party.

However, the older I get, the more I observe. My observations have led me to conclude that it is men who talk more than women.

Of course, this is biased to my experiences.

As a cover, men try to suppress women into thinking that they are the chattier gender, knowing full well that it is not true.

The only occasion that women may be more chatty is talking on the phone. Men seem to shy away from the phone, but get them together with a group of men and you can hardly pry them apart!

It doesn’t matter if they’ve heard the same story over and over, it’s just as funny to them each time they hear it from each other!

I’ve heard many stories about men staying up until all hours of the night playing cards, for example, during a hunting weekend away from home.

You know they’re talking up a storm. If alcohol is introduced, their words per minute increase exponentially.

The men come home, crawl into bed and can hardly utter good night.

However, if the woman were to give the man a different kind of attention, he would be very awake. Hmmmm.

Not only do they talk more, they detail their private lives to each other a whole lot more.

I can’t believe some the of things my husband tells me about other people’s private goings on.

Women would never discuss this, at least all the women I’ve known. Secretly, it would be a tad interesting if we women would talk like that. I’m sure we could have some good conversations, but we’re not like that.

How about when you go to a party with your man, he’s chatting away with everyone, then when you get into your car to go home it’s so quiet that crickets can be heard chirping on your shoulder.

Once again, the man is talked out. Almost as if a female’s presence exponentially decreases the man’s vocabulary.

They’re not always like this, but it is a trait that many men possess.

My husband can talk my ear off when he wants to, but he can be the reverse as well.

Maybe women are just more constant conversation-wise, and men’s high conversation loads combined with their low periods have led to an overall analysis that women talk more.


When one of my boys was 3 years old, he spilled water on the carpet. He got a very thin towel and stepped on it to soak it up. When the water soaked through the towel and he felt it on his foot he yelled, “Oh, there’s a hole in the towel!”