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February 5, 2007, Herald Journal

Another great ice fight


My husband and I were lucky enough to again score some free tickets to a Minnesota Wild hockey game, thanks to a sales rep at his work.

Watching the game on TV versus in person is like the difference between day and night.

The game was on a Friday night so it was a little hairy to get home from work, get the baby sitter, and get to St. Paul before 7 p.m.

Traffic was horrible; it took almost two hours to travel from home to our seats.

My husband and I have very different driving techniques, plus I’m not used to being a passenger, so that aspect of the long drive was not so enjoyable at times.

I started wondering if the hassle of just getting to the game was worth it. Well, it was.

We were in row eight, just below the glass, and on an end. As soon as we sat down and took in the atmosphere, the drive was a distant memory.

The Xcel center is much more intimate than the Dome. The electronic light boards really add to the energy of the place.

As the game continued, I was waiting. Waiting for a hockey player to lose his cool and start a fight.

I know, it sounds weird coming from a girl, but for some strange reason a hockey fight in person is great!

I’m not one to encourage such behavior at any other time.

Every time a player was pounded into the boards, I was waiting.

Finally, Wild player Derek Boogaard, known as the enforcer, didn’t disappoint. Boogaard, by the way, is 6’ 7” and 250 pounds.

An all-out, two-person fight with his Canadian opponent started in a flash.

The funny thing is, the refs just stood back and watched.

The crowd was on its feet cheering, including me.

Boogaard’s hockey mask flew off courtesy of the Canuck, and the crowd got louder. Then, the Canuck’s mask got punched off his face, and the crowd got even louder.

The Canadian went down on the ice, so then the refs decided to interfere.

As the two offenders were summoned to their respectful penalty boxes, the crowd cheered the loudest yet, and applauded the players for the great show.

I can’t think of any other situation that would make me enjoy such a display, and I can’t pinpoint why I enjoy it.

I definitely wouldn’t want to see a loved one in such a fight. We all are strange in our own ways, I guess.

I’ve never understood the attraction of boxing or ultimate fighting, but I’m sure it’s the same deal.

There have been many times I wanted to poke my eyes out with a fork when my husband watches ultimate fighting matches on TV.

I still won’t enjoy those type of programs, but I will try not to be so disturbed.


I recently dyed my hair very dark, non-permanently, I might add, just for fun.

My seven-year-old looked at me and said, “What happened to your other hair?”