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February 12, 2007, Herald Journal

A valentine survey


In an effort to gain some insight about how people feel toward Valentine’s Day, I conducted a very informal and unscientific survey.

Despite being unscientific, the results can still be considered a good indication of how people view this particular day.

I surveyed 32 people from the area, males and females, married and single.

Married and single men were targeted a little more than women because I felt a good sampling of men’s opinions would be interesting and provide some insight to the women who expect maybe a little too much out of their man on Valentine’s Day.

The survey had only four questions and started with asking if the person was male or female, and if they were single or married.

The next question was multiple choice: What do you think of Valentine’s Day? A) It’s a bunch of garbage, I hate it. B) It’s nice or OK, but let’s not get carried away. C) I really look forward to it.

The last question was: If you think it’s a bunch of garbage and you have a significant other in the picture, do you, A) Make no effort towards the day. B) Make some kind of effort because I will be in trouble otherwise. C) Make some kind of effort just to be nice.

The results were, 57 percent of single men said Valentine’s Day was a bunch of garbage and 43 percent said it was nice or OK. This first result surprised me. I thought the garbage percent would be much higher in this group.

The married men surveyed had even milder opinions of the day with only 37 percent stating that the day was a bunch of garbage and 63 percent agreeing that it was nice or OK.

Of those who said the day was a bunch of garbage, and a significant other was in the picture, 90 percent of the group stated that they would make some kind of effort as to not get into trouble. Only 10 percent said they would make no effort and wouldn’t give in to the idiocracy.

For the women, 75 percent of single women in the survey think Valentine’s Day is nice or OK and 25 percent said it was a bunch of garbage.

Married women added a category to the results that neither men’s groups chose: 35 percent said they really look forward to the day, 65 percent said they thought it was nice or OK, and none said it was a bunch of garbage.

The men’s results were the most surprising to me because I thought an overwhelming majority would choose the garbage answer.

Maybe men do get some enjoyment out of the holiday as well as women. Being that gifts are marketed towards women on this day, men really kind of get the short end of the stick on Valentine’s Day.

However, hopefully their effort, big or small, is recognized by their women.

As a side note, remember to give a valentine and candy to your kids. It will make their day.


During my son’s birthday party a couple years ago he said, “I’m not four years old until I blow my candles out!”