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April 23, 2007, Herald Journal

Beware of girly-girl hazards


Many girls and women have their girly side and their tomboy side. Some may be strictly one or the other, but for variety it’s fun to switch between the two.

However, there are some precautions that need to be carefully planned when in girly-girl mode versus tomboy mode.

For example, when walking on pavement that has been patched, a woman in heels must be diligent in spotting those patches so as not to sink the very pointed heel into the tarry substance.

Carelessness around such land mines leads to looking stupid as you stop, drop, and roll.

You stop in your tracks, the heel drops into the pavement, and roll your eyes at the new accessory sticking to the heel.

The casual shoe does not present such dangers. It may take a woman who switches between the two types of shoes, and has a bad memory, some time to learn this all important lesson.

The dangers of lip gloss

Lip gloss presents one major annoyance, which is obviously not objectionable enough to force a woman into discontinuing its application. It is very sticky.

This can be extremely annoying to a woman with long hair on windy days. The hair innocently crosses paths with the lip gloss and the gloss acts like a venus fly trap. I’m pretty sure the hair would be permanently stuck to the gloss if an intervention wasn’t performed.

I discovered a new enemy of lip gloss just last night as I was jogging during a calm wind, but with the presence of numerous tiny bugs.

Tiny bugs, jogging, and lip gloss are not a good mix. I’m sorry to report that at least five bugs were injured during the workout because of the gloss.

So it seems, lip gloss rides a slippery slope between adding shine to overall appearance and creating “tacky” situations.

Outdoor experiences

There is no question that the outdoors is best enjoyed in tomboy mode or any mode that does not include wearing pointed heels and uncomfortable dress clothes.

Tomboy mode, for me, includes comfortable clothing that looks perfectly fine when dirty, yet can be worn just about anywhere.

I’m not implying that tomboys get dirty all the time or that they wear inferior clothing, it’s just that tomboy apparel fosters more fun outdoors.

From the more comfortable shoes to the ripped jeans and cut off T-shirts, this clothing is very versatile.

Tomboy clothing can be very cute and some guys much prefer a girl in such apparel. Plus this type of clothing can be accessorized in almost any shape and can easily be given a girly twist.

In conclusion, high heels and lip gloss can attract the wrong kind of attention under certain conditions and tomboys may actually have more fun than girly-girls in certain situations.

However, if you’re both, you may just enjoy the best of two worlds.


Out of the blue, my 6 year old asked, “Was I born in the old days or in the new one?”