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July 23, 2007, Herald Journal

Getting a non-alcoholic buzz


A scene from a movie was recently recreated at my house. It’s something I never envisioned happening at my rural Howard Lake address, nor would like to have happen again.

Our house was buzzed by a small engine plane not once, not twice, but three intentional times. It happened one lazy Sunday in which the whole household was recovering from a rare late night party at our house the night before.

We didn’t get to sleep until about 4 a.m. so we were pretty worthless most of Sunday. As I laid on the couch like a slug Sunday afternoon, I suddenly heard what sounded to be a plane ready to crash into the house.

I jumped up and looked out the front window only to see a small plane fly very low over our barn and right for the house. It flew over the house so low the house vibrated a bit.

I was a little irritated, but thought I’d look out the back window and see where the moron was headed. To my surprise the plane was turning around and heading straight for the house again. This was unnerving – watching the plane do a complete u-turn and head our direction again freaked me out.

Within a minute the plane buzzed our house again and even the boys were getting freaked out. To my irritation, the plane was again turning around for the third time and heading for the house.

I grabbed my camera, headed out onto the front lawn to get a picture of the obnoxious aviators, and managed to only snap one blurry picture of the perpetrators.

By the third time, I actually thought about calling the cops and I also thought about calling the Winsted Airport to get their take.

My husband had been in the garage, and when he saw me he asked accusingly, “Who do you know with a plane?” I was a bit annoyed by this question and said I only knew one person, not very well, and that was it. So I asked him the same question back, to which he knew no one with a plane.

The plane didn’t come back a fourth time, but I was so irritated I was seriously going to the Winsted Airport and inquire about this ordeal and maybe try to catch the jerk.

I went in the house and the phone started ringing. When I answered I heard a familiar voice say, “Why don’t you wave when someone flies over your house?” It was a friend of ours, who had been at our party the night before. I was so relieved, but was puzzled as to how he managed to access a plane.

It turns out he has a friend who flies planes, was offered a ride, and devised this plan to buzz our house.

We were pretty freaked out while it was happening. A person is pretty vulnerable to such airborne assaults.

I couldn’t help but think about the scenes in Top Gun when they buzz the towers and the controller has some choice words to say about it – that’s how I felt. It’s definitely something I never thought I would experience!


When my older son got his adult front teeth, my younger son kept referring to them as “buck teeth,” which wasn’t received well from the older child.

No matter how much prompting was said to curb the reference, he couldn’t help himself, and he wasn’t saying it to be mean.

Still today, if my older son says he has something stuck in his teeth, my younger one will say, “You mean in your buck teeth?” Then my older son will just roll his eyes.