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April 2, 2007, Herald Journal

Eggs, egg cartons and spring time art


Spring is springing. Bugs, birds, bunnies, chicks, eggs, picnics and outdoor activities are all a part of this most refreshing season of growth and rebirth.

What better way to welcome in spring and celebrate its gifts, then to enjoy some springtime art activities with your children.

Sidewalk chalk eggs

Crack some sidewalk chalk eggs for springtime. To make these chalk eggs, separate the halves of a plastic egg. Coat the insides of the eggs with petroleum jelly (Vaseline), adding extra near the seam. Then place both halves upright in an empty egg carton.

In a disposable container, use a plastic spoon to mix together one-fourth cup of plaster of Paris, two tablespoons of cold water, and about two tablespoons of powdered tempera paint (food coloring may do the trick, too).

Spoon the plaster into the egg halves, filling them both almost to the top. Let set for a few minutes until it reaches a mudlike consistency. Next, snap the plastic egg together and briskly shake it to combine the mixture. Repeat the process for each color of chalk, throwing away the plastic spoons and containers in the trash.

Let the chalk eggs set overnight before removing them from the plastic egg molds, wedging the tip of a table knife between the chalk and the plastic to help loosen it, if needed, which is a parent’s job.

Use your chalk to create some spring murals. Draw some bugs, birds and other spring creatures. Trace the outline of your child’s body and let them add apparel, facial features, etc. Draw a hopscotch board, and play some hopscotch. Draw four squares and play four squares with a ball. Have fun and be creative!

Source: Family Fun magazine

Crackled egg art

Crackled egg art is a popular spring activity in Egypt. Shem al Neseem means “smell the breeze.”

Egyptians also celebrate spring with a picnic breakfast. How about trying a spring picnic breakfast with your family on a Saturday morning?

Pack some fruit, muffins, and hardboiled eggs and enjoy spring in the morning with the birds chirping!

Here’s how to do some egg art to help welcome in the long-awaited spring season.

Cut out an egg shape from some cardboard or tag board. Prepare some food coloring dye to color the egg shells. Add water and a few drops of food coloring to a cup. Break the eggshells into small pieces, and then place them in the food coloring.

Using a strainer, strain the shells when colored. Gently dry on some paper towels. Cover the cardboard egg with glue and press on the colored eggshells in any design you’d like.

You can also create any mosaic picture using the colored egg shells.

Egg carton art

Not only can you do art with eggs, but with the egg cartons themselves. With one egg cup and four pipe cleaners, you can make a spider. Add some facial details with markers.

Using two egg cups and three pipe cleaners and a cork, you can make a camel. Use one pipe cleaner for the front legs, punching the pipe cleaner through to create the two front legs, and do the same with another pipe cleaner for the back legs.

Use the other pipe cleaner for the neck. Attach one end of the pipe cleaner to the cup and the other end into the cork, which is the head. Again, add the facial details with markers.

Using as many egg carton cups as you want, make a caterpillar, worm, centipede or other crawly bug. Add two shorter pipe cleaners for the antennae. Add the face.

You and your children could also use paint or markers to decorate the egg carton critters.

Use your imaginations to create some other critters with the cartons.

Source: Sesame Street

Besides spring critters, you could also create spring flowers with egg cartons, as well. To make a tulip, cut one cup from the egg carton. Trim the sides of the cup to form four petals.

For a beautiful daffodil, begin with two egg cups. Prepare one as described for the tulip. Trim the second cup so that the edge is even and the sides are about an inch tall. Fit the short cup into the first cup and glue it into place.

Use markers or paint to color or add accents to the flowers.

Make a small slit into the bottom of each flower and insert the end of a green flexible straw or a pipe cleaner for a stem. You have a flower bouquet to welcome in spring!

Source: FamilyFun.com

“Shem al Neesem!”