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June 11, 2007, Herald Journal

Happy Father's Day


“Only a dad, but the best of men.” He’s someone’s dad, father, giver, provider, guide, instiller, defender, listener, provider, role model. To that son and/or daughter, he’s the most important man he or she will ever know or need to teach them about life.

In 1909, one grown daughter, Sonora Louise Smart wanted to show appreciation to her father for his love and guidance, so she proposed a day to honor her father in June, the website www.web-holidays.com noted.

The very first Fathers’ Day occurred June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington, and in 1924, President Calvin Coolidge showed support of this special day becoming a national holiday.

In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson officially proclaimed Fathers’ Day a national holiday to be honored on the third Sunday of June.

Harry C. Meek, president of the Lions Club in Chicago, was also instrumental in the establishment of Fathers’ Day. He gave speeches around the US expressing the need for a day to show appreciation to and honor our fathers, the website www.web-holidays.com also stated.

Thus it is a special day to outwardly show appreciation to those men who guide us, teach us and love us.

Words of appreciation and love and a hug are truly ways to show that token of appreciation.

Here are some other ideas to help our children express their love and gratitude.

• The above-mentioned website recommended making a Fathers Day Path. This particular idea was submitted by Carol Estlow from Florida who noted that she retrieved the idea from “Arts and Activities” magazine.

Items needed to make this special gift are watercolor paper and paint, brushes and an ink pen.

Draw a path from the bottom of the paper to a vanishing point on the paper, winding or tapering off to the top. This creates an illusion that the road is going off into the distance.

On either side, water paint a scene of a forest, sunset, etc. On the first step, write “Thanks Dad for doing this with me,” and on every step write something you are thankful your dad did with you, or for you, teaching you to ride a bike, reading with you, fishing with you, helping with school work, etc. What a great personalized gift!

“FamilyFun” magazine, June, 2006 recommended some clever gift ideas for dads and/or the other male role models in our children’s lives.

• How about a car wash kit? Decorate a bucket with foam pieces or permanent markers and fill it with car wash supplies.

• Make a mini travel kit with an expandable envelope filled with such items as some playing cards, sticky notes, a pen, some gum, lip balm, possibly a map and a picture of your family would make the kit a special hit.

• Create a home office supply kit. Fill a file box with some office supplies, such as envelopes, paper, pens, paper clips, file folders and if budget allows, maybe even some stamps. Attach a picture of your family on the inside lid of your box so your dad sees the picture every time he opens the box.

To all of you fathers, grandfathers and male role models, thank you, and happy Fathers Day.