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January 8, 2007, Herald Journal

May the best voice win


I’m very much looking forward to watching a new season of wannabe singers embarrassing themselves on national television and yelling at the camera when they don’t make it to Hollywood. Yes, I’m talking about “American Idol.”

The new season begins Tuesday, Jan. 16 on FOX, and ends when America chooses the best voice.

Last season was the first time I actually got into American Idol. Before that, I had no interest in listening to a bunch of people singing for the “American Idol” title. But, then I found out there is a lot more that goes on besides singing. For example, Simon ridiculing the contestants who thought they had a chance.

Every episode, there is someone who comes on the show and I have to ask, “Do they really think they can sing?” or “Where do they find these people?” Sometimes, the show seems so outrageous that I wonder if it’s even true or if it was actually scripted.

Other times, people have fascinating life stories and their dream of making it big. Once in a while, you’ll catch Paula Abdul choking up.

This year, Minnesota was lucky enough to have a chance at “American Idol.” Simon, Paula and Randy swung through the Mall of America last summer, picking up the best and worst singers from the state. Hopefully, we aren’t too embarrassed by the outcome. Although we could actually have a Minnesotan become the next American Idol, or even the next Kellie Pickler. That is all the more reason to watch the upcoming season.

I have yet to partake in the actual voting for the American Idol. All one has to do is text the number after the singer for your vote to count. If voting for president was this easy, there would be a larger voter turnout. Granted, a voter can vote more than once for an idol.

This is one reality show that I have faith in. It’s an actual contest that relies on the viewer’s votes. It’s pretty ingenius when you think about it! What better way to get ratings than to involve the audience in the show’s outcome?

Also, the show doesn’t just award the winner a million dollars and 15 minutes of fame. There is hope and a future for the winners, and even the non winners. Look at Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. If it wasn’t for “American Idol,” they wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to share their voices with the world.

Music isn’t taken lightly in America, nor on “American Idol.” May the best voice win.