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March 12, 2007, Herald Journal

As if elections aren’t long enough


Nearly two years before the next presidential election, America is being bombarded with election news.

I can’t turn on the nightly news without seeing something on Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or whomever else found it in their best interest to interview for the most important job in America.

What are there, 10 or 15 candidates vying (sickly early, may I add) for president? They don’t waste any time, do they?

Who will be the next to announce their candidacy? Nothing like John McCain using his invitation to the David Letterman Show to announce his candidacy. Maybe he didn’t think he would get another on-air opportunity.

All I know is, we just got over one election and now, we have another in the works. Are people just that eager to get rid of George W. that they are already trying to find his replacement? Or do they need that much time to make people like (or dislike) them?

People are already being asked who they are going to vote for. Nothing like judging a book by its cover. As if we should already know who we want to be our next president?

I sure hope voters take a little more time than that before casting their votes.

I’m not all that political. I find no importance on being a Republican or Democrat. All that is important to me is finding a candidate who is in alignment with my values.

Maybe that’s where America goes wrong (i.e. Goerge W.) We vote for our particular party regardless of who that person is and their capabilities as the most powerful person in America.

One reason the election season is so dreaded is because of the negativity that comes along with it.

It goes back to basic principles of human beings. For the sake of fairness and decency, we shouldn’t make other people look bad just so we can look good.

And what’s with the term “nominee?” If the general public had the opportunity to “nominate” individuals for the presidency, I wonder how many of the current candidates would’ve been nominated? I think the docket would look a little different and more colorful, possibly more Bonos or Katie Courics, if candidates were actually nominated.

Anyway, it’s just way too early to be hearing about presidential candidates. There is a year and a half to go and I’m already sick of it.

Oh well, just so they don’t begin with the badgering commercials, although I have noticed on a particular party’s web site, detailed candidate bashing.

And so it begins . . . election season, as if it wasn’t long enough.