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March 19, 2007, Herald Journal

A sacrifice for the good of all


With Easter just around the corner, I grew up using this time to reevaluate my actions and deeds and give up something as a sacrifice.

So, I am trying to do just that.

This is hard though, because when you have to look at yourself and try to find what it is you should change, you can’t find anything. Well, maybe you do, but it’s just hard to admit. God knows we aren’t perfect. But life would be a lot easier if we were.

We could go about our business, doing and saying whatever we wanted without worrying about the reprimands.

Nowadays, we live in a culture where we have everything at our fingertips. We feel it’s our obligation to do and say as we please. Most of the year, I go about doing just that.

I want something I can’t afford. I buy it. I do something I shouldn’t do because I want to. I am selfish and I do what I want, for the most part.

Luckily for my soul’s sake, I have this time to put myself aside, and do what is right for the whole.

But it’s more than giving up chocolate or swearing, it’s about reflection. It’s asking yourself, “What can I do more of for God and others and less of for myself?” It’s a time to put away all selfishness and become vulnerable to change. It’s time to make a sacrifice for the good of all.

Often times, I will go looking for ways I can be a better Christian, but then keep following in the same footsteps as in the past. It’s hard to break out of a mold one’s found so comfortable.

But life is all about change and becoming a better person, and a person cannot grow if they don’t change.

Sometimes, change is so scary we take our time. We then find out things wouldn’t have been so hard if we had just bit the bullet, instead of letting things fester, and ultimately becoming worse over time.

Change doesn’t have to all happen at once, but it’s important to recognize what it is you would like to change. Just identifying it, this opens the door.

There will be times I will slip up. But failure is the key to success, right?

A friend of mine is trying to quit smoking. Trying is the key word here. She hasn’t quit, but is in the process of quitting. Eventually, she will succeed because she has realized it’s a part of her she would like to change. I give her credit for trying.

I tend to be hard on myself. I think I should be, and act, perfect. But there is no such thing. Even if, or when I change all the things I have in mind, there will be more things to change.

It’s like walking on a treadmill. You might be burning calories, but you definitely aren’t getting anywhere. You just keep walking in place.

Well, at least I’m taking those first steps, even if they are baby steps.