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March 26, 2007, Herald Journal

Straight from the horse’s mouth


I get so mad and fed up with this war. Sometimes I don’t think President Bush listens to anybody but himself when it comes to the war in Iraq.

Every day, people are protesting, Congress speaks out and advises getting out. Four years is long enough.

It’s easy to go along with it. Who doesn’t want to get out of Iraq and end the fighting? But what do the men and women who are over there, actually fighting and doing their job, say about it?

It’s important to look at it from their perspective as well since they are the ones putting their lives on the line.

In Sunday’s Star Tribune, Dave Thul wrote an editorial. Thul is a Chaska resident currently serving in Iraq.

I saw it. Just what I’ve been looking for. Straight from the horse’s mouth. An opinion of war from an American soldier.

Thul is also a father. He has been deployed 2.5 years of the 3.5 years of his daughter’s life.

He writes, “I would love nothing more than to be at home sharing in her young life and enjoying a Minnesota summer. But I want to come home with honor, knowing that I have helped to make the world she will live in a little safer.”

He misses his family and wants to come home, but he also wants to complete the task at hand.

It’s easy for us to sit at home and make judgements and assumptions of the way things are in Iraq. We hear every day of soldiers dying. No one wants to hear that. War stinks. We all know that.

But take it from a man who knows.

Thul continues, “There can be no compromises in Iraq, no negotiated peace. The enemy here is radical Islam, whether in the sectarian violence in Baghdad who seeks to draw all of the Middle East into open war, or the terrorists of Al-Qaida here in the Anbar province who are looking for a new home base since we kicked them out of Afghanistan. If we pull out before the job is done, we will face not only the same chaos and genocide that we saw pulling out of Vietnam, but we will leave Iraq in a power vacuum with greedy and ambitious neighbors on all sides.”

“Greedy” is a funny word that seems to jump out at me. Are Americans being greedy for wanting their troops to come home?