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April 9, 2007, Herald Journal

Busy with ‘The Bachelor’


I don’t even know why I watch it. I become a judgemental and evil person, but yet, I love it! Yes, “The Bachelor” has returned to Monday nights.

Twenty-five women fighting over one man, who wouldn’t love it? The women who get sent home without a rose, that’s who!

I shouldn’t joke, but come on. When the show first started, I loved every minute of it. I actually believed this could be a reasonable way to find true love. Now, I just find it fun to watch and gossip with my girlfriend over it.

Last year, my roommate Angie and I watched the show religiously, never missing an episode. The whole time, we would comment on the girls, and their desperate attempts to win over the man of the hour.

Now living separate, we just text each other, which isn’t as timely, but the point is still the same. We do the same for American Idol. “Who’s going to get voted off?” “That was horrible.” “She was awesome.” “Look at Sanjaya’s hair.”

Comments are a little different about the women of “The Bachelor.” They are more like, “She’s crazy.” “I like the girl from Palo Alto.” “Why did he pick her?”

Yes, I’ll admit gossiping and negative comments don’t exactly reflect a positive Christian identity, but it’s so fun.

To justify my catty remarks, I just remember the barrier between real life and television. Just because it’s reality TV doesn’t mean it’s entirely real, considering editing is a major part of production.

What I am also finding, is that if we complain about a certain girl on the show, the bachelor will end up liking her for the very reason we don’t.

For example, one of the girls sang a song for him. We thought it was cheesy, but he loved it. Go figure!

Besides the girls fighting each other for one man throughout the show, the end is when it gets dramatic.

For example, last week, Kansas Girl freaked out after she didn’t get a rose. Ang and I knew this was coming, just by her actions throughout the show. During the rose ceremony, when other women were being called to accept his rose, she rolled her eyes.

Before that, she would pick fights with other girls. Ang thought it was a self-esteem issue. I think it’s just 22-year-old immaturity and pure attention-getting behavior. Where was the camera while she was having a tantrum? On her.

I could never expose myself like that on TV. Then, I would have women on the other side, sitting on their couch, commenting about me. Not that I would ever act like little Miss Kansas, but a girl is definitely under a microscope, as they should be when trying to win the heart of an accomplished Navy doctor.

In the end, only one woman will win the bachelor’s heart, but the process leading up to it is what is so exciting.