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August 20, 2007, Herald Journal

Skol Vikings, let’s go!


One Friday morning on my way to work, I was thinking about what I was going to do that night after work. Then I heard the horn . . . the infamous Viking’s horn on the radio.

This was a sound I haven’t heard in a quite awhile, so I got a bit pumped up. Here they were, announcing the first Viking’s preseason game happening that night.

Great! Now I had plans for Friday night. I was going to sit on my couch and watch the game.

I got to work and mentioned to the sports writer, Jesse Menden, about my evening plans. He says, “Yeah I could go to that game, I could get free tickets, but it’s gonna be pretty lame.”

Oh, okay! The Vikings haven’t played in eight months. To me, any game would be fun at this point.

So I said to him, “What! You can get tickets? Lets go!” Let’s think about this. What would I rather do? Sit at home and watch the game by myself, or actually go to the game (for free nonetheless)? No matter how lame, I want to go to the game.

Maybe it was just preseason excitement hearing the horn and all, but I couldn’t wait to finally watch some football.

So, we went to the game. The dome was about half full – there were quite a lot of empty purple seats. Believe me, where I was sitting, we had a bird’s eye view of the Dome.

We sat five rows from the top, but who can complain with free tickets? We were so close to the big screen, Jesse said we were going to get sunburn by the time the game was over.

Yeah, it wasn’t all that action-packed, but we made it fun. It was exciting just being in that atmosphere with other Vikings fans, cheering and singing “Skol Vikings.”

Although a bit of a slow and low- scoring game, the highlight was watching Dontarrious Thomas (LB) complete an 82-yard interception return for a touchdown.

Even though the Vikes lost, it was still a good first game. Better luck next time.

Prior to the game, we got an opportunity to check out the 35W bridge collapse scene. From just the top of the Seven Corners parking ramp, we couldn’t see a whole lot, only where the road ended on each side.

Although we couldn’t see much, it was still a sight to see. It was eerie seeing a huge freeway with not a single car on it.

Walking across on the overpass of 35W, Jesse commented on how quiet it was since normally, one couldn’t hear another talking over the buzzing of the cars below.

Overall, the trip downtown was a good one. It’s not too often when I get down there, but I do love the city life from time to time.