Get the spooks for Halloween

October 29, 2007

by Kristen Miller

With this week being the week of oh Hallows Eve, it’s hard not to think about scary things like ghosts, goblins, and the unexplainable.

I was listening to the KQRS radio morning show and a listener sent in several photos with what appears to be ghosts or figures in the photos.

Tom Barnard wasn’t too convinced by these photos, claiming anyone could have manipulated them Photoshop.

Me, being a believer, had to see these photos for myself. So, I went to the web site and wow, I was convinced they were real.

Although not exactly sure where these photos came from, they do seem legitimate. Many of them were taken many years ago – a lot of them were in black and white. Under the photo they would explain the picture and oftentimes, it said that the negatives were examined and showed no tampering.

One photo is of a group of airmen, possibly between World War I and World War II. Two days before the picture was taken, Freddy Jackson, an air mechanic, was accidentally killed by a propeller. Although dead, he apparently didn’t want to miss the photo. He can be seen behind another airman in the photograph. SPOOKY!

During a recent visit to Barnes and Noble, I was browsing the Halloween/ghost story table. I found a book of photos that, like the ones on the KQ web site, had ghostly figures in them.

Want to see for yourself? Google “ghost photos,” and take your pick. They are everywhere. Even if a person is a skeptic, many of them are quite convincing.

I did make the mistake of looking at a freaky photo on the Internet that was more of a prank than anything. It was a picture of a dining area in an apartment. The owner’s son supposedly committed suicide and could be seen in the photo.

The caption said to look under the window for the ghost. It told me to look carefully and wait a minute for my eyes to adjust.

I couldn’t see anything so I moved closer to the monitor. Then, all of a sudden, a green, freaky face darted out at me. I screamed bloody murder. That got me good.

With Halloween being during the week instead of on the weekend, maybe it would be a good night to just stay at home and rent a spooky movie.

Although I don’t like gory, bloody, death movies, I do enjoy a good scare from time to time. I asked some of the ED staff and the following are some recommendations for Halloween movies:

One of my all-time favorite ghost movies is “The Sixth Sense,” with Bruce Willis. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a good movie that makes you think. The ending holds quite a twist, as well.

Anther good movie is “The Others” with Nicole Kidman. It’s a haunted house story. This, too, has a surprise ending.

On the lighter side, “Beetlejuice” is always a classic. I would also recommend “Casper” and “Matilda” for the young ones.

Roz Kohls recommends “The Blair Witch Project.” She does forewarn that it’s really scary – so scary she couldn’t wait for it to end.

Dori Erickson likes the more light-hearted scary movies that can be seen on the Disney Channel about this time, including “Hocus Pocus,” “Twitches,” and the “Halloween Town” series. These are “safe,” Dori said. If movies are too scary, she can’t sleep without the light on.

Whether it’s ghost stories or ghost movies, Halloween is the perfect time to make use of your imagination. Just don’t get too freaked out.