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June 11, 2007, Herald Journal
Pastor's Column

To Feel the Company of Angels

Pastor Jim Beard, Delano United Methodist Church

“So, what did you do over the weekend?” Such an innocent sounding question that many of you probably hear from co-workers come Monday mornings. Assuming you had two full days off from your usual Monday to Friday work routine (which I know is a big assumption in itself these days), what do your Monday morning answers tend to sound like? Does your voice ever sound like this one:

“First I ran to the store before getting Johnny to his soccer game by 10:00 way over in Blaine; then we squeezed in a stop at Target on the way back, which was jammed packed of course, and which made us late for Julia’s dance class. After that I cleaned the kitchen (including the oven), did four loads of laundry, fixed dinner, mowed and trimmed the lawn because the folks were coming over with Aunt Sue; jumped in the shower... Then on Sunday, the whole mad dash just started all over again. I am so glad to be back to work so I can get some rest!”

A traditional tale recalls a rabbi seeing a man running in the street, and he calls out, “Why do you run?” The man replies, “I am running after my good fortune!” The rabbi slowly responds, “Silly man, your good fortune has been trying to catch up with you, but you are running too fast.”

I am just as guilty of this as most of you. The honest truth is, I am the only one pushing myself to be this busy. Maybe I’m afraid I’ll fail if I don’t keep moving. Maybe I’m lost without something to keep me busy. Maybe I just don’t want to hear what God might say to me if I took the time to slow down and listen.

The summer months are upon us. Won’t you join me in an entire morning all to yourself at the park, an afternoon of rest in your hammock, a quiet evening with your family around a campfire, and an empty day for no one but you and God to share together? Join me please, in enjoying God’s gift of sacred rest. And may you feel the company of angels ministering unto you.

Because of His grace,
Pastor Jim Beard

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