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January 8, 2007, Herald Journal

Standing strong in your beliefs


As we start the beginning of the new year, we are all looking for new ways to upgrade somewhere within our life.

We may even question ourselves, what needs a little bit more focus or attention within our day or perhaps our life style?

Some people come up with great ideas everyday, but they never follow through. There was nothing gained because the person was lacking in courage, confidence or had no goal in place for himself/herself.

Sometimes we may even be a little hesitant in selling a product, goods, or service.

Myself, having a background, in business and formerly being a consultant, was taught to dip down deep into our own inner soul, and trained you, yourself, have to be sold first, before you can do a selling job.

In reality we have to believe in the product or specific thing before we are ready to stand for it. You then have to be properly trained.

Then, to take that knowledge and apply what you were trained into full practice into the world around you.

The training must be focused on ethics and value in order to succeed. Most people want to be honest in the business world and want to establish a reputable job in sales and service.

If you really think about it, we all sell and serve one another somehow or someway every day. Our real strength is found in our own convictions. Our convictions can also be stronger than our fears. Conviction refuses to court popularity, it defies opinion.

A good example of the word conviction from the Bible, to me, would be the story of David and Goliath. David stood before Goliath without a sword and defeated Goliath. David believed and had an inner conviction to stand for what he believed and he stood strong and won.

Most often you will hear someone say or use the word committed. There is a huge difference between those two words. Anyone can be committed to something. That doesn’t necessarily mean you are enjoying or believing in what you are doing.

You are technically making a promise, doing your part in whatever you agreed upon, then going through the motions.

The biggest question is “Did you believe in what you just did, sold, bought, or said”?

The real element in life is understanding that we all need to believe in something, before we can truly stand for it. We need to be committed, and then take that commitment one more step beyond ourselves to bring out the best of our true inner self.

Most people can sense if you are offering them something of value, or something you yourself believe in.

If you have a strong conviction in what you are doing, those feelings will be transferred to others, that what you are doing is honestly right.

When we have the courage and confidence to share our inner convictions and visions with others, our fellow man will see and feel, no matter the price they have to pay. They will be moved from within that right is being done.

They will also stand strong, along with you, in that commitment because of the conviction that was transferred to them from you.

May we all have a conviction from within, that we can share with others, that’s of value to mankind.

Something each of us can say, “I strongly believe in. . .”

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