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January 22, 2007, Herald Journal

The non-returnable gift


Sometimes it is amazing how our memory bank will take us as far back as to our childhood.

Perhaps we may have even heard many things our parents said, about ourselves when we were born.

For me, what stands out in my mind is that my parents always spoke of me being born with a full head of thick, dark brown hair, and weighing in at a little over four pounds.

When listening to them speak of this tiny little me, the word ‘survive’ would come to my mind, and got my attention every time. Thinking back, technology wasn’t what they have today.

Many times my parents would speak of a shoe box they would gently place me in, just to see if I would fit, being so tiny. In amazement I did fit, perfectly.

Looking at the shoe box today, it’s hard for me to visualize and comprehend myself being that small and surviving. However, being blessed with good health conditions when born eliminated health issues.

Then the most shocking moment came when my daughter was born.

She was exactly double the weight that I was when I was born.

Holding my daughter in my arms, it was hard to imagine that I was half of her total weight, when born. To me she was small. This was an eye opener for me.

We have now advanced to technology where babies can be placed in the palm of one’s hand and still survive. Some would think that the child would have to have fought hard for his/her own life.

On the other hand, if we think about it, God was in complete control all along.

Each one of us was etched into being, planned for in advance before conception. Etched into whom we all are today.

We are of God’s own design brought into life for his own plan. We all have been born for a purpose.

There are those who interfere with God’s plan of action by planning abortions.

Each human life, no matter it’s stage, has meaning to someone.

A minute, an hour, or to live to be elderly, time doesn’t matter for the life that’s begun.

Some babies in life touch maybe one soul, or we may share our soul with many.

We all must realize that, God gives us the first breath, and God is the one who takes our last and final breath away in his time, not our time. A time not determined by minutes or hours, but by the purpose for which the life began.

Your creator etched a purpose into your being. You have been born to fulfill that purpose in a way that only you can. In life you will be called to use your gifts and talents that you were given.

The more you reach out in life, the more you will discover you have gifts you never thought you had. Gifts given from God are defined in many different ways. However, we all need to respect the gift of human life in a dignified manner.

Human life is the most precious gift that can ever be given to another person, and should be thought of as a non-returnable, honored, gift from God.

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