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April 2, 2007, Herald Journal

Sharing our message


One day a kindergarten student named Alex approached his teacher before class.

Alex, who was a little hesitant, gave a sigh and then said, “Teacher, our classroom needs something on the walls. All we have are the ABCs and 1, 2, 3s. There’s nothing pretty to look at and it’s Easter time.”

The teacher turned her head and looked around her classroom. To her amazement, Alex was right, the classroom had nothing on its walls. They were bare.

Another little student overheard the conversation and walked up to the teacher and rudely said, “Teacher, the walls are just fine. I come here to listen to you that’s all I’m here for!”

Alex stood back and was very offended by that remark, this hurt his little feelings. Alex took a deep breath and voiced his opinion, “I come here to listen, do things, and learn!”

The teacher looked at the little girl and said softly, “Allison, Alex is right, there needs to be something on the walls, it’s Easter time!”

Allison thought for a moment and then she put her hand on Alex’s shoulder and whispered in his ear, “Your idea does sound like fun. I’m sorry, Alex.” Alex face lit up, he was happy they agreed.

Class had now begun. The teacher announced that she would like the kindergarten class to sit around the big table that she had in her classroom.

Looking at all the students the teacher said, “Today I would like you all to draw and color a picture of something that reminds you of Easter. I would then like you tell the other classmates what you drew and then we will hang them on the walls when you are finished.”

The students were very excited and eager to begin. They all got a blank piece of paper and some crayons. As time went on the teacher started to walk around and glance at what each student was drawing. Walking by one of the students, she started to giggle.

The teacher walked over to the little girl to see what was so funny. The little girl responded right away, “Teacher I didn’t bump Alex. I really didn’t. Look teacher, he has a line on his paper and it’s crooked. You need to give him another sheet of paper so he can start all over.”

Alex just kept on drawing. The teacher knowing Alex ability in previous classroom projects, looked at the little girl and replied, “Alex’s paper will be just fine, regardless if he has drawn a straight line or crooked line.” She then gave Alex a big smile.

When all of the students had finished, the teacher asked each student to tell the class what they individually drew and then they would be hung on the wall for everyone to enjoy.

One little boy said, “I drew a bunch of Easter eggs.” another one said she drew an Easter basket filled with Easter goodies. Another student said she drew a church because that is where they go on Easter Sunday. The stick people were all of her family.

Several said they drew a beautiful butterfly because butterflies symbolize new life. Many students drew an Easter bunny carrying an Easter basket filled with goods. Another hand full of students drew a table with family members sitting around it while enjoying an Easter dinner.

Next came Alex. Alex looked at his teacher and said softly, “Teacher, I’m not done with my picture.” The teacher understood and told Alex to let her know when he was finished. Alex gave a big smile and continued with his picture.

Another boy held up his picture and replied, “I drew a chocolate bunny and put green grass all around him.” A little girl blurted out, “Mine’s a girl bunny. She has a beautiful hat and a dress on and frilly socks and I even drew her a purse to carry candy in.”

The little boy looked at the little girl and rolled his eyes and chuckled. Then another little boy rolled his eyes and put his hands over his mouth and giggled.

The teacher looked over at Alex and raised her eyebrows. Alex gave a big smile and said, “Yes, teacher, I’m finished!”

Alex began speaking very boldly and with confidence. “I first found me a brown crayon and drew a big, crooked cross. Then I put a white stick figure on the cross, then I drew heavy blue circles on the stick figure’s hands and feet. “That,” he stated to the others at his table, “is Jesus on the cross. He died for me.”

Listening to Alex, it reminded me of Jesus parting statement to his disciples: “ And you will be my witnesses.”

It’s not as if we have no choice. Our love for others compels us to share the message that He promises eternal joy for all who believe in Him. And yet, sometimes we hesitate when we should speak; we falter when we should proclaim. We neglect to trust God for strength to share His Word.

Alex shared the message. In his own way, with his peers, he witnessed. There was no fear, no holding back. He didn’t wonder what his classmates would think or consider that his picture might not be good enough to tell the story.

He had something to say, and he delighted in the sharing. He found it to be of importance to tell his friends about Jesus and His love.

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