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April 23, 2007, Herald Journal

By his wounds we are healed


One Sunday a grandmother brought her 5 year old grandson with her to church.

Sitting very quietly in thought before the service had begun, the grandson gently stepped up upon the kneeler; he wanted a better view of his surroundings.

He got his grandmother’s attention right away. She started to observe him more closely. His little arms were perched on the pew in front of him as he leaned forward. His head went to a downward position as he was looking at the foot of the cross.

He was in deep thought, and you could envision that the wheels of his mind were in full motion. His head and eyes were focused and moving up to the top of the cross, then his head slowly turned side to side to look at Jesus hands, nailed to the cross.

He then stepped off the kneeler quietly and sat beside her. His eyes then focused on a band-aid that he had on the top of his hand.

He proceeded to rub the band-aid softly. In just a few seconds the grandmother received a little tug on her shirt sleeve. She turned and quietly questioned her grandson, “Are you in need of something?”

She leaned over and she could see he wanted to whisper something into her ear. In his tiny little voice he asked, “Grandma, if I climb up the cross by Jesus and put band-aids on his owies, will that make him feel better?”

She whispered back to him, “Jesus owies don’t need to be covered. Jesus died on the cross to take our sins away. His owies are a reminder to all of us.”

In his tiny little voice he whispered, “Okay, grandma.. I just wanted to know.”

The grandmother knew her grandson would have a difficult time understanding, at such a young age, but then she thought for a moment and realized the answer can be very complex to all of us.

In reality, somewhere within our lives we have all encountered a time when we have cut ourselves, whether it be from a sharp knife, paper cut steel cut, glass cut, etc.

We can even relate with others, the pain of a tiny cut. They sting and they hurt.

In order to prevent infections we all know that wounds need to be healed or properly taken care of.

If you cut yourself, you wash it and put on antibiotic cream and a Band-Aid over it so that it can properly heal.

If you have a more serious injury, you wrap it and apply pressure and go to a hospital or doctor to receive treatment.

Wounds, regardless of what kind, take time, patience and tending too. Wounds however, do not give healing. They are known to receive healing.

The amazing part comes when we think of Jesus’ wounds. We all know and have heard many times the gruesome death he encountered for our sins, just for the love of us.

If we sit and think for a moment, really think hard, the wounds of Jesus are different than our wounds because of who Jesus was.

Jesus bled, was beaten, crucified, and even put to death. Jesus’ wounds do not cry out to be covered with gauze or a band-aid or to even be restored to health.

Instead, his wounds give us healing. Jesus’ wounds are astounding as they cause us to rejoice on our part.

Jesus was wounded that we might be healed. Jesus was punished that we might be free. Jesus gave himself over to suffer in a most profound manner so we might live eternally.

We all need to be thankful to God for these life giving wounds.

Turning to Isaiah 53:5, written before all of us, “By his wounds we are healed.”

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