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June 25, 2007, Herald Journal

Stories spark emotions


People of all ages in life, enjoy telling or writing stories and there’s a variety of ways in which we all have found to do that for others.

Stories can inspire you, some can touch your soul, some can make you smile, giggle, or perhaps bring on a hardy laugh.

There are stories that, when told, can shift your mind-set, open your heart, hold your family closer and your friends a little tighter.

Some stories can open your thinking to new possibilities.

Some can stimulate your desire and can create a brighter tomorrow.

Then there are stories that find you searching for a solution.

Some stories may even display a little darkness, bring tears to your eyes, or an ache to your heart.

We, at times, may even think of ourselves as being artists. Each of us paints a different picture every day on our own individual canvas, from morning to sundown, in hopes that it will be filled with hope and cheerfulness. We then flip the page over and start a new picture for the next day.

We all need to learn that our life experiences, if written or told before others, can teach many valuable lessons to mankind.

Jesus was our perfect example and role model. He went out into the world and told stories.

Amazingly, all these stories were compiled and put into book form.

Interesting to find, not one of these stories was written in the context of “once upon a time.”

This storybook was, and still is today, called the Bible.

The Bible in today’s world means something different to most everyone, but to a Christian, it is our roots, spiritual nourishment, guidance, and source of daily living.

It guides and directs people, it strengthens and upholds. It brings an out-pouring of faith and joy to mankind.

It’s a sharp tool for obedience, yet Jesus’ arms are wrapped around each and every human being that he created.

None of us will ever live a life eliminating struggles, trials or temptations.

Nor do any of us live carefree, perfect lives.

In other words, how we climb up the mountain is just as important as how we get down the mountain.

For many of us life becomes one gigantic test followed by one gigantic lesson.

It’s how we accept winning and losing, good luck and bad luck, as well as darkness and the light.

Through it all, Jesus has promised to walk with us every step of the way. God, however, has not promised to live our lives for us. He is not walking ahead of, or behind us. He’s walking beside us and guiding us through life’s problems; with his arms gently around us.

In all the twists and turns, and the ups and downs in life, he’s taking our hand and guiding us to his purpose in life.

It’s been said that his ways are better than our ways. Jesus was a teacher and still is our best teacher today.

To take a glance at Jesus in his direction is a positive step for any person.

With great hope, Jesus has called us to order our lives around his priorities and purpose. So that we, too, can be a true example of his people in the world. . . not of the world.

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