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August 6, 2007, Herald Journal

Learning and discovering


Some of us may remember, when we were small children, how we enjoyed and found it a challenge to climb as high as we possibly could in a tree.

The strategy while climbing up in the tree was to prevent falling out of the tree.

Yet, being convinced we could get to the highest part of that tree, we continued in determination.

We grabbed onto the limb and pull with all our might, stretching and gripping our hands around the tree branches that surrounded us, only wanting to go forward.

Our feet played an important part in our ever-forward motion.

Our legs were entangled around the limb of the tree, supporting our internal fears. We wanted to see how high we could get.

It was a true experience of going beyond our everyday natural abilities.

It was a feeling of freedom. Examining our every move as we went forward was a challenge. Should we take that next step, grasp on, and go forward? How much more will this limb support without breaking off from the tree?

We all know there are consequences when climbing trees, such as falling flat on our faces, possible injury, and “ouch that hurt!”

Climbing the tree and returning back down is just as challenging. We are much relieved when we are back down, and can announce that we are at ground level and safe.

Zaccheus, the wee little man, had different intentions for climbing a tree. Jesus was surrounded by people, and since Zaccheus was a wee little man, he couldn’t see Jesus. He wanted to see what Jesus was like.

Zaccheus, with much energy, ran ahead and climbed a sycamore tree which was along Jesus’ route, in order to see him.

When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said, “Zaccheus, hurry down. I mean to stay at your house today.”

Zaccheus came down and welcomed him with delight. (Luke 19:1-6) NIV.

Isn’t it amazing how we all have different reasons for what we do in life to fulfill our needs?

Zaccheus not only went to great length and measure to climb the sycamore tree to see Jesus, but the wee little man learned much more. He examined his way of life and chose to follow Jesus’ ways.

The wee little man was searched out by Jesus, and he was saved by Jesus.

The wee little man discovered that Jesus saved him, for he was lost.

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