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August 20, 2007, Herald Journal

The perfect plan


One Sunday a minister decided he wanted to eliminate stagnant ways within the church. His goal and purpose was to build-up, to replenish, and to excite the parishioner’s minds, and he had the perfect plan.

He wanted the parishioners to think and then to apply what was said in church to their own daily lives.

When the time came the minister stood in the pulpit and began his sermon, “I am you minister. I wear many hats throughout my day. You are a parishioner, and you wear many hats throughout your day. God is our almighty god, he wears many hats throughout the day.

“We each need to obtain and fulfill our own job descriptions. My job description never once said that I should leave my parishioners to drift of in the pews, or to not gain knowledge, or to leave a soul un-nourished, be it mentally, physically, or spiritually.

“That is not written anywhere. We are to strive to meet the ultimate obligation to think Christ-like, to do Christ-like, to act Christ-like, and to be Christ-like.

“I have the perfect plan. I’d like everyone to be extra attentive today for the questions I have for you.

“They are brought forth here today for you to think about. I want thinkers today. God has given us all minds and I want to have everyone use theirs.

“My first question for you is, ‘What does it mean to trust completely?’”

The minister paused briefly to view his parishioners, then said, “I will explain that to you. It means to put yourself in God’s hand and know that he will bring you where you need to be.”

The minister then asked his second question, “What does it mean to look beyond the moment and see the future through his eyes?” The minister paused again, allowing the parish to think, before continuing, “To believe that whatever that future might be, it is absolutely the best he has to offer.

“As time passes, we need to look at the struggles and trials we have encountered. Our experiences will prove to us that they were merely opportunities for us to grow.”

The minister then extended the third question, “How often have we worried and wondered, been anxious and been surrounded with trouble in a short duration of time?

“However you want to think about it, through it all Jesus has been there, waiting for you to be ready and willing to lean on his strength rather than your own.

“As we journey through life may we pray that we’ll discover his perfect will for our life and rest in the assurance that his way is always the right way.

“God has the perfect job description. With fine detail he brings us to where he wants us to be in his time, not our time.

“On our journey in life, we go through many trivial ups and downs, and twists and turns. Sunny days and dark dreary clouded days. For being his creation, nothing makes sense.

“We scramble looking for answers, searching for something we can’t find, answers are hazy. Our vision is blurred. Nothing is clear, we become frustrated and disappointed.

“Then we realize in time that God was working all along, bringing us to where he had special plans for us. After time, we are amazed to find that through it all God’s way, was the ultimate best way. His ways are the best ways, as God created us for a purpose and plan.

“What other person would know his creation any better than God himself?”

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