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October 8, 2007, Herald Journal

God finishes what he starts


A father noticed that his teenage son had an interest in looking up into the sky at night, asking questions about the stars and the moon.

The father decided one day that he was going to buy his son a telescope so he could learn more.

The son received his telescope and was very excited. He enjoyed what he saw and learned something new every day when he peered through his telescope.

The father walked up to his son one night and asked, “Is your telescope teaching you anything in particular?”

The son backed up from his telescope with a questionable look on his face and replied, “I’m very fascinated with my telescope and all that I can see at a distance. One thing that puzzles me is that God made the sun, moon, earth, stars, Jupiter, Mars and all the other planets in just one week.

“Yet, Jesus is working on each and every one of us every day being who he’s created us to be. Just think how loving and patient he must be. When I stumble and when I fall I should have a sign upon my heart that says ‘God isn’t finished with me yet; he’s still working on me.’”

The father, putting his hand on his son’s shoulder said, “God’s the potter and you’re the clay. He’s molding you into what you should be according the master’s hand. God always finishes what he starts. Unlike us, God never carries over items on his ‘To-do’ list. He has a blueprint for your life spread before him. The travel map is drawn up, and he knows the direction and miles between you and him. He won’t stop until he’s done. He has the ultimate plan, to make you more like Jesus.” (Psalms 138:7-8)

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