A sign of hope

October 22, 2007

by Pam Fiecke

We have all come face-to-face with many different types of signs in our everyday lives.

Each individual sign delivers a different message for us to follow or will serve to direct us to our destination.

The stop sign, yield sign, speed limit, one-way, curves ahead, garage sale, railroad crossing, hospital, business district, church, watch for children, road construction, no parking, detour – the list is endless.

One day while driving a teen was faced with many of these signs.

Her attention was diverted to a question she remembered being asked by her religion teacher years before.

The question was, “If you were given a sign, and could write whatever you wish on it to attract another person to attend a church service, what would you write?”

Each student was to write a short essay, reflecting on what they would have written on the sign.

She recalled the religion class was devastated by the assignment. Some chuckled and shook their heads, saying, “How could one little sign attract people to come to church?”

The teen silently repeated to herself what she had written, “This is your invitation! Come as you are! This is something your soul has been longing for!”

To her that was an appealing invitation to recruit others to the church service.

Her sign reflected this other written message, “God is love, and God loves you. What else does Jesus have to do to prove his love to you?”

The answer is plain and simple. Nothing.

You’ve heard about Jesus, but yet you still question his love for you.

You are not insignificant to Christ. Nor have you been overlooked by him. He know everything about you.

You may feel like a seed within an apple. You may even question, “How he can possibly see me?”

The truth is this – God created you in his image and he engraved you upon the palm of his hand. Those long piercing nails held him to the cross to do a job no other human could do.

You will never be insignificant, and you have not done too much, that he won’t forgive you.

Jesus walked the face of the earth in sandals, and he came upon a mankind that was shattered by doubt and disappointment. He gave them a chance to experience hope and a new beginning.

He was surrounded by the sick, diseased, by thieves, the depressed, fearful, and his followers.

He saw broken lives, not any different than we have today. He gave them another chance to discover a new sense of purpose and meaning in life.

The greatest part of the whole thing about Jesus is that he can do the same thing for you. The doors are open for you. Step on the welcome mat. You’re going in the right direction to be greeted, your soul touched, nourished, and your thirst quenched.

The Jesus behind the simple message can take whatever is tattered and torn in your life and mend it.

He can take a life that is simply drifting and give it direction and meaning.

He has what it takes to touch the heart and soul, which is the most important part of each and everyone of us.

As Christians, we are called to be hospitable toward strangers, not just our friends and acquaintances. God sent us one tiny little message to ponder, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” (Matthew 25:35)