Decorating for the Christmas season

December 3, 2007

by Pam Fiecke

This time of the year, most of us are excited about the Christmas season.

We search for our Christmas decorations in the attic or basement. All the boxes and totes are filled with Christmas lights, ornaments, tree stand, tree top, tree skirts, nativity set, candy dishes, our favorite figurine, including all the special momentos we received from family and friends over the years. These are especially nice because they have been stored with memories over the years.

Perhaps you unwrap a homemade ornament that your daughter, Susie, made. The response would most likely be, “Oh Susie, look what I found. You made this for me in second grade.”

You hold it in your hands, gently pondering over the ornament with glistening eyes, and your heart pounds with excitement. It is something the hands of your child has made for you.

It becomes one-of-a-kind, with no price tag or dollar amount big enough for another person to purchase.

The garland and wreath are hung. The pine scent spreads within your home.

The nativity is arranged, with each figurine having their special place within the stable.

The most important piece, however, is the baby Jesus. He is the center of attraction for all to see and bless.

With all the beauty of the Christmas season, we need to be decorating our hearts, as well.

We may send a card, give someone a gift, or telephone a friend or family at a distance.

We may send a few kind words, or we find some quiet time with God, thanking him for all that He has done for us.

Our reflection may be as beautiful inside as the world appears outside of us.