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April 9, 2007, Herald Journal

The John Doe Manifesto


The six publicity-seeking imans who were removed from their flight last November at the airport in Minneapolis/St. Paul have filed a lawsuit against US Airways and the Metropolitan Airports Commission. Included in their lawsuit are “John Does,” innocent bystanders who alerted the authorities about their security concerns. The imans call them “John Does” because they don’t know their names yet. The imans noticed, though, that the bystanders were alarmed by the imans’ behavior, and called authorities on their cell phones.

Columnist Michelle Malkin believes the imans are hoping their lawsuit will intimidate ordinary people, and stop them from reporting suspicious behavior. As a result, she wrote the John Doe Manifesto, a declaration of principles.

“Dear Muslim terrorist/plotter/planner/funder/enabler/apologist,

You do not know me. But I am on the lookout for you. You are my enemy. And I am yours. I am John Doe.

I am traveling on your plane. I am riding on your train. I am at your bus stop. I am on your street. I am in your subway car. I am on your lift. I am your neighbor. I am your customer. I am your classmate. I am your boss...

I will never forget the example of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 who refused to sit back on 9/11 and let themselves be murdered in the name of Islam without a fight.

I will never forget the passengers and crew members who tackled al Qaeda shoe-bomber Richard Reid on American Airlines Flight 63 before he had a chance to blow up the plane over the Atlantic Ocean.

I will never forget the alertness of actor James Woods, who notified a stewardess that several Arab men sitting in his first-class cabin on an August 2001 flight were behaving strangely. The men turned out to be 9/11 hijackers on a test run.

I will act when homeland security officials ask me to ‘report suspicious activity.’ I will embrace my local police department’s admonition: ‘If you see something, say something.’...

I will protest your Jew-hating, American-bashing ‘scholars.’ I will petition against your hate-mongering mosque leaders. I will raise my voice against your attempts to indoctrinate my children in our schools. I will combat your violent propaganda on the Internet...

I will support law enforcement initiatives to spy on your operatives, cut off your funding and disrupt your murderous conspiracies. I will oppose all attempts to undermine our borders and immigration laws. I will resist the imposition of sharia principles and sharia law in my taxi cab, my restaurant, my community pool, the halls of Congress, our national monuments, the radio and television airwaves, and all public spaces.

I will not be censored in the name of tolerance. I will not be cowed by your Beltway lobbying groups in moderates’ clothing. I will not cringe when you shriek about ‘profiling’ or ‘Islamophobia.’ I will put my family’s safety above sensitivity. I will put my country above multiculturalism. I will not submit to your will. I will not be intimidated. I am John Doe.”

Appropriately, on March 27 the US House of Representatives voted 304-121 to add language to the Rail and Public Transportation Act to protect Americans from lawsuits when they report suspicious behavior.